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Keeping the focus on floors these days, I’m pretty excited to show off a favorite of mine today. Antique and vintage rugs are a great way to add a little pattern and eye candy to the floor!

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If you aren’t sure of what type of rug to look for, Scandinavian rugs are great for pastel rooms. They tend to have lighter colors in them and the designs are beautiful!

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Mixing and matching rugs are a great way to bring two spaces together. Using the same color options but getting different patterns or styles can help define a space but keep the natural flow of the room.

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For those who love a lot of color and mixed patterns, using a rug with like colors can tie in a space. Moroccan rugs would be a great choice for this situation as they tend to have bright lively colors.

Dozens of photo frames, cushions and coffee table books - the necessity to every lounge room.
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For those of you who love the simplicity and neutral colors, this is a great way to step out of your box and add a great pattern to the view! There are some amazing places that sell vintage rugs for great prices and they are great quality.

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