Make your bathroom feel more luxurious


I’m one of those people who loves a luxurious feeling bathroom, and a hot shower or bath at the end of a long day. I’m guessing we all wish we had a luxury shower. One that’s extra roomy with multiple shower heads and one of those speakers to jam out to music too! Don’t you think a place you visit plenty often during the day should be gorgeous? Agree or not, bathrooms are one of the most expensive things to remodel. So here’s a few pointers to making the shower you have a little more luxurious!

How amazing is this shower?

Pick the perfect shower head! If nothing else can be fixed spend a little extra on an amazing shower head. It can make a huge difference in the morning to feel like you are in an expensive shower even if you have to close your eyes. At least it feels good! There are a lot of options available these days that have great pressure, but only use a small amount of water, so try and go the eco-friendly route when you can!

Change up the paint. Sometimes a new perspective can create a better vibe in the bathroom. Try to stick with clean neutral colors. Those tend to be more soothing in the morning, but if you are a colorful person, stick with pastels! A gloss finish will make walls easier to clean. If you are super brave and really want a luxe look – try a navy blue or black paint.  You might be surprised at how much you like it!
Another option if you are in an apartment, rental, or have a smaller bathroom would be to change the curtain rod! Most spaces like that go with a shower tub unit and those can make you feel really confined. You can easily find a curved shower curtain rod that gives the shower a little more space!   If you can manage it, a floor to ceiling curtain will really look luxe! When I’m feeling tired of my bathroom, I find that a new shower curtain and bathmat do wonders.

The last but most important thing you can do to keep your shower feeling luxurious is to keep it clean and clutter free. The less that’s in your space to gather moisture and dust the better.  A vanity with drawers or cabinets is great for storing things off your vanity surface, as is a medicine cabinet.  If you simply must have somethings on the vanity surface, choose products with pretty bottles, or transfer products to pretty bottles.

It’s amazing what a few changes can do to make a space one that you tolerate daily to one you can’t wait to step into!

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