Letting Light In! Beautiful windows and natural light-filled rooms


It seems like the rain has set in these past few days and it can really make a day seem dreary. Even my dog is getting stir crazy from not going outside as much.  I thought that maybe some window and natural light eye candy could help brighten up the mood a bit.  After all, I’ve never hear anyone say “my home has too many windows – they make too much natural light!”  If I ever heard someone say that, I might have to slap them – and you should too.  (Sorry, I guess all the rain has gotten to me…)

Most people consider energy savings the primary benefit of replacing windows, and while it is a tremendous benefit, you’d be amazed at what a new window, like coral windows, could do for your space! Enlarging a window or adding one where there once wasn’t can really transform the entire room.  The windows in the front of our house are wide, but barely 2 feet tall, so sometimes it makes me feel like we are in a basement or the lower floor of a split level.  I would love to replace them with taller windows – I know it would make the front rooms feel much larger!

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I use a sunlight lamp in the winter when we have shortened days, and it makes a tremendous difference in my mood. It’s no substitute for the joy you get when you step outside on a gorgeous bright sun shining day, but it’s better than nothing, and I imagine that upgrading your windows to let more light in will only help as well. 


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Unfortunately, we don’t all have the budget to replace our windows for the much needed luxury of light. There are certain tricks you can employ that don’t cost as much as windows.  I would try using a slightly glossier paint in your rooms (keep in mind that the glossier the paint, the more defects will stand out in your walls).  Also, consider painting your ceiling in a high gloss or metallic paint – it really makes the light bounce!

We all know the trick of using mirrors to make a room feel bigger, and remember that mirrors also reflect light! Using a mirror on the opposite side of a window can create illusion of more light! Also avoiding heavy fabric curtains, and make sure they are hung so you can pull them back all the way from the frame of the window. 

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