Warm inspiration as it starts to get cold


Now that the weather is starting to cool, I’ve been thinking about unpacking our winter throws, accent pillows, and down comforters. One of my favorite winter comforts is my faux fur throw. It adds luxe, glamour, and coziness to my sofa.

Winter is also a great time to swap out cotton and canvas pillows for textured pillows.  Mixing up different textures like mongolian lamb or yarn always looks inviting.
Pack up the linens and sheers for heavier velvet or silk drapes.  Not only do they look gorgeous, they will actually help keep the chill out from the windows.
Obviously visually warming up your space isn’t enough to keep your home warm…as much as I love the old look of traditional radiators in a home, there are some pretty cool modern ones I’d never seen before!

I love that the one above doubles as a console as well! I would love to curl on the couch and read next that warm radiator! Some perks of these modern radiators? If you are looking to heat up a small space such as a bathroom or an office, you can use a low wattage radiator which can save you so much in price as well saving energy! They also are very quick to heat up unlike a heater which can take some time to get going and will cost you for all that extra time you have it running to get up to the desired temperature. Also if it is not a portable heater it has a very low risk of house fires which makes it a safer alternative.

Not to mention designer radiators are pretty cool looking these days! There are a ton of different styles, shapes, sizes, and colors to fit in with your home decor. For example, the one above also comes in yellow, brown, and blue!

If you still like the look of the older covered radiators you can just do a quick update to a more modern one that can save you space and be more efficient. In small spaces a smaller radiator can make a world of difference!

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