Rugs: Selecting size and style


Rugs – how they can make or break a room! A rug can be a major focal point in your room, or purely there for comfort, in which case it should not scream for attention.   When it comes to rugs, I like to go with something timeless and that I know I will always like.

Chevron is trendy now, but it is still always a classic.

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If you have a more eccentric decorating style, you can get away with having fun with your rugs. I think this rug is really cool because it reminds me of the pixels I push around all day as a web designer, but don’t know if I could live with it long term. Luckily, you can find some seriously interesting rugs and runners to fit whatever your style

The rugs above are a little more my style.  If you love color in your space but want it to be more subtle you can use colors that are already in your surroundings like a little bit of green from plants, yellow from the floors, and blue from the outside views. I’ve always been a fan of trellis patterns because they remind me of my trip to Morocco.

If you are going for a neutral or monotone palette, you have to add a variety of textures. These stunning rugs might now have bold colors, but the bold texture will add richness to the room.

And of course there is always the size and legs on/legs off debate when it comes to rugs.  I tend not to follow a lot of decorating rules, because I don’t really know all of the decorating rules, but the important thing is to consider the feel that you’d like the room to have.

A large rug that can fit all of the furniture is going to make the room feel much larger and airier.

A smaller rug, where all the legs of the furniture are off of the rug, is going to create a cozier, more intimate feel.

Here’s an example where the furniture’s legs are half on, half off the rug.  The consistency of all the legs being half off and half on help, but to me this feels a little more cramped then the other two solutions.

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