Absolutely Gorgeous Bedrooms


The bedroom is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in your home.  I envision mine as being bright, light, and a little feminine.

I personally like a look that features light colors – whites, grays, and aquas, with accent colors brought in in small doses.

2 above via House Beautiful

The bright blue lamp in this room is a perfect way to add just a little bit of color to an amazing room. It seems to pull out the blues in the pictures on the wall perfectly!

Contemporary Grace Color Scheme

via Better Homes & Gardens

The pieces of furniture you choose can really make or break the style you are going for. Be sure to choose your mattress style, headboard, and side tables that really give you the feel you are looking for. 

For example this canopy bed screams gorgeous, the bench gives it an extra touch, and the side tables don’t take away from the view. I also love the height of mattress. It screams comfy but isn’t overbearing with the rest of the furniture. Have a look on the Furniture Choice site, they have a great range of mattresses available!

2 above via House Beautiful

Fashion-Forward Color Scheme

I love the mix of tones here. Maybe I wouldn’t choose it for the master bedroom, but it has such a sumptuous feel! They are all leaning towards gray and blue but each color has it’s own shade. The pop of yellow really adds another layer to this room.
via Better Homes & Gardens

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