Using bold, bright furniture


Usually there’s that one piece that stand out in a room. A lot of us, myself included, use bright pops of color only on accessories – lamps, pillows, etc. If you’re feeling brave though, a bold piece of furniture can really make a room – here are a few examples I wish I was brave enough to try!

How gorgeous is that turquoise china cabinet (check out the ceiling too)!

A craft or kids room is a great place to try furnishings in bold, bright colors.
There are many brands lately that are making great show stopping furniture pieces but if you have trouble finding the right piece you can always find a great DIY tutorial to change it up to your exact style.

If you have doubts or are nervous, try a colorful piece in a smaller room, hall, or entryway.

Have you ever or do you have a bold and colorful piece of furniture in your home?

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