Jennifer Aniston’s Manhattan Brownstone in “Bounty Hunter”


I wanted to show you what in my opinion was the only decent thing about the 2010 movie “The Bounty Hunter.” Sorry to anyone who liked it, but I felt that this was one of those films studios just release to meet a quota or something…

The only part of the movie I really paid attention to were the scenes that took place in Nicole’s (Aniston) Manhattan brownstone. I didn’t think an investigative reporter could afford a Manhattan brownstone, but hey, if Carrie Bradshaw could afford that spacious Upper East Side “studio,” an investigative reporter can afford a whole brownstone I guess. ?

Anyway the character’s home is super bright, cute, and cheerful. Maybe a teensy bit too “whimsical” for my taste at times, but definitely worth a close look (hint: if you click on the images a larger version will pop up)

The kitchen obviously.  The cabinet backs painted to match the blue walls was something I haven’t seen before.

The home is covered in really cute wallpaper that manages to be quiet but noticeable.

A LOT of pattern in both upholstery and wall paper, a bit too much for me, but it’s really fun to look at.

Love those sconces, and the modern bookshelf against the crown moulding.

With the curtains this is too much pattern for me.  If they were just white I’d like it better.  I thought it was interesting that the couch is slipcovered.  It makes me wonder if that was a conscience decision by the designer or if they were like, “This character would put a slipcover on her sofa…”
What do you think of the house?
*The Bounty Hunter is property of Columbia Pictures


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