A little retail therapy without the guilt


We all spend money on things we probably shouldn’t, and these days sticking to the budget is even more important.  Next time you need a little retail therapy, consider getting your fix by doing shopping that gives back!  Shopping fair trade is one such way, but until recently when I thought “fair trade” images of scarves and pottery and lots of beaded jewelry come to mind.  Luckily, shopping fair trade can be chic!  Check out some goodies I found on Traidcraft.co.uk
Can’t afford Robshaw?  This duvet set is the cost of just one John Robshaw sham and support an artist!

Colorful bangles are all the rage, but when you buy these you are also helping to fight poverty!

You can also find lots of yummy goods- coffee, chocolate, and wine!
this post brought to you by Traidcraft


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