My visit to the Wisteria outlet in Dallas!


While on business in Dallas, I got to experience a little bit of design junkie heaven: the Wisteria outlet.  It was in transition for the end of the winter season, but even though it wasn’t styled perfectly, it was still a gorgeous and inspiring site to see.


I was loving all of the table-setting inspiration.  

Aren’t the walls covered in book pages cool?  And the intricately carved arches reminded me of my adventures in Morocco!

Soft-goods and upholstered items donned pretty pastels like lavender and periwinkle.

Look yonder! The Wisteria “flea-market” corner, full of treasures you never knew you wanted needed!!

A Texas-sized thanks to my friend Susan, who was an awesome host during my stay in Dallas, and for taking me to Wisteria-wonderland!

If you aren’t lucky enough to live near Wisteria in Dallas, you’ll have to do with beholding Wisteria online like the rest of us. *sigh*


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