A new store that made me heart skip a beat…


I wish more often I would come across stores like Mockingbird Domestics.  There are lots of online stores, but I get tired of seeing the same thing over and over.  Mockingbird domestics is also a bricks and mortar store, as founders Jeff and Laura are launching a location in Austin, TX.  Any readers living in Austin?  If so, you are really lucky, because I would LOVE to see some of these pieces in person.

Here are some of my favorites –

I NEED this table.  Right now, I need any table, as ours isn’t fit for a barn.  This cafe style table would make me one happy girl.

How great is this walnut standing table.  They custom made this for a client and then decided they should offer it regularly.  I try to stand at my desk and I have to put my keyboard and mouse on a box on my desk to make it slightly comfortable.

This very cool rocker is made from Texas wine barrels.

How cool is this handtruck ottoman?!?

They also have a lot of lovely accoutrements.  They take pride that many of their products are from local artists and artisans, as well as having some vintage and international products peppered in.

I find this silver pedestal bowl really striking.

My mother would LOVE these barnyard skewers.

Even though I work as a freelance web designer, I am an illustrator by training, and I really admire the work of Chris Celusniak, who painted this whimsical and detailed Texas Capitol.

What do you think of their products?  You can go to Mockingbird Domestics to learn and see more.


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