Need to get away?


I need a vacation in the worst way….unfortunately I don’t see one in my immediate future. The one I’m imagining is on the beach in the Outer Banks, far from crowds, with a book and my dogs, just sitting on the sand everyday, doing…..nothing. ahhhhhhh. Okay, back to reality. Whether or not a vacation is in your immediate future – these photos are sure to give you the travel bug.

Next time you do decide to travel, maybe instead of a generic hotel, try checking out apartments for rent in the area where you’re going.  When my boyfriend and I went to Paris and Switzerland we stayed in apartments instead of hotels and we really, really enjoyed it.  I get tired of eating out, and it’s nice to go to local markets and bring them back to the apartment and do a little of your own cooking.

Below are some examples of what you’re missing when you stay in a hotel:

How about a little time in North Italy?

Or a  Paris pied-à-terre

Or this view out of your Barbados bedroom…yes please!!!

A swanky Detroit studio

or, some authentic New Mexico digs….

What do you think?  Ready for a vacation?

Interested in renting one of these properties?  I got all of these image properties from Inhabit Vacations  – your “Travel Curators”


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