One of my favorite cities from my European backpacking trip – Germany’s charming Ulm


Aside from seeing the sites, Chris and I chose Ulm as one of our destination cities in Germany because his good friend Ruth was living and grew up there.  We had heard it was a great town – but it ended up being one of our favorite cities from our entire trip.  You’ll see why from the pics below:

Ulm Münster, the world’s tallest steeple (161,53 m)

The very cute – and tilting – Schiefes Haus (crooked house)

So beautiful!

Ulm was the birthplace of Albert Einstein.  There is a memorial where his house stood.

The three images above are of the beautiful town hall

We arrived during the Nabada Festival, where citizens build elaborate floats and make their way down the Danube…it was really fun to watch

A pretty view from our train from Switzerland going to Ulm.

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