3 Top Tips when using Flooring Rugs


Rugs are a great way to bring a new lease of life to a tired looking room. However, before you make your selection you should consider these three tips, as rugs can be used in many different ways in a home or office.

1. Placement:
You’ll need to think about where you place flooring rugs if you want to avoid trips and falls at home or in the office. Irrespective of which room you place a rug try not to have the corner in the middle of a door opening as this can lead to a potential tripping hazard. It is a good idea to use rugs in high traffic areas just so long as the larger part of the rug is in the doorway.

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2. Sitting Areas:
You can create an inviting sitting area in a room simply by placing a sofa and chairs around a rug. Pale or light colours, with a low-key design offer a more intimate space in which people can sit and talk. Circular or hexagonal shaped rugs are also ideal for cosy seating areas. By placing the front feet of chairs and sofa onto the edge of the rug, not only will you be reducing any potential trip hazards, you’ll also provide sufficient rug surface for people to have both feet on the rug itself. This will help to make people feel more at home and at ease. You could also place a flooring rug under a coffee table to create a central focal point in the seating area.

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3. Open Areas:
One of the most fashionable ways to use flooring rugs is to place them in areas which have no furniture, such as in front of the fire-place or in the middle of a room. Placing rugs in open areas can help add a new dimension to a room more especially if they are a contrasting colour to the flooring; they can provide a different texture which will give a room more personality and help ground a colour scheme.

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