Two amazing Spanish cities – Bilbao and San Sebastian


More pics from my summer in Europe! I need to pick up the pace a bit as I’m still not through the first country we saw. So today I’m showing you two cities – Bilbao, the capital of Basque Country and home to the famous Guggenheim, and San Sebastian, a resort like city with a great beach – especially for a city!

First, Bilbao –

The iconic Guggenheim

Sweetums and I under a sculpture outside the Guggenheim

Koons’s adorable “Puppy” in front of the Guggenheim

We got to Bilbao late in the afternoon, so unfortunately we don’t have too many photos

Now – San Sebastian

The above photos are all from a hill you hike to the top of. It has an old fort that offers great city views.

From the beach side

On the beach – which was so clean and pretty for being in a city.

Hope you enjoyed!


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