Gorgeous nature-inspired decor – vases, illuminaries, tealights, etc.


My trip to Boston in February left me with tons of inspiration and business cards from the plethora of adorable shops and boutiques. One of those shops was E.R. Butler & Co.; known for it’s fine architectural details, but what made my jaw drop was the beautiful porcelain treasures and jewelry. Here are a few of my favs. –

The Ted Muehling pieces were simply amazing – the candlesticks, and the exceptionally delicate porcelain vases and candle holders. I’m especially drawn to objects with elements taken from nature – so the “coral” luminaries and tulip tea light especially.

They also have a lot of unique, and stunning jewelry like these cuffs by Darcy Miro.

The Boston showroom.

E.R. Butler also has showrooms in NYC and Florence. See the site for details.
I want to thank Nina, at E.R. Butler, who was super helpful and enthusiastic to answer questions during my visit. It’s always great to meet someone passionate about what they do!


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