Reader question – Help source a paint color


Kimberly took a liking to this photo below, which I posted awhile back. She wanted to know the cabinet color.

After checking at the original source – this gallery in House and Home, I believe the cabinets are custom, so I thought I’d find some close options, and open up the question for you guys incase someone had some better ideas, or is even able to source the color!

Benjamin Moore had a lot of lovely options close to the cabinets – sweet daphne is fairly close.

2 chips above found on Benjamin Moore’s virtual paint deck

Glidden’s “Celery Sticks” is also close.
via Glidden

The below from Sherwin Williams are also good matches. Sherwin Williams, by the way, has a really great “virtual room” section on their website which lets you test colors on their photos or yours. I found their virtual room site better than many other paint company’s.

6418- Rural Green

6417 – Tulepo Tree

6416 – Sassy Green

0014 – Sheraton Sage


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