Morocco Series: Fes


We are back from Morocco and I have so much to share with you and so many photos! We visited three cities, Fes, Marrakech, and Essaouria. We started out in Fes so that is where I’ll start with you. I’m usually a save the best for last kind of gal, but I couldn’t resist introducing Fes to you via the amazing Medersa Attarine. A medersa is a college for teaching theology, law, Arabic literature and grammar. It “…was established by Sultan Abou Said in the 14th century as a student’s resident and is actually one of the best medersas to have been created. The medersa is significant in terms of architecture and the excellent proportions of the carvings inside. … The Attarin has an amazing collection of patterns in wood and stucco. The Attarin was and still is one of Fez’s most celebrated medieval universities. The Building is a fusion of Islamic architecture and mathematical theory in the field of geometry. The medersa is a wonderful edifice and consists of a courtyard, a solemn prayer hall and a series of ascetic student rooms.” via Asia Rooms

*please be patient during photo upload – I’ve specially uploaded higher-res images so you guys get extra detail! 🙂

*All photos taken by honey, Christopher*

We employed a guide through our hotel for our first day in Fes, and he was great in that he could tell and show us how the residents of the city lived. He could also point out details such as the consistent use of 4 levels of materials; (from ceiling to floor) – wood, plaster, marble, and tile. You’ll be able to see this in most of the photos.

I am by no means an expert and after 7 days of running around Morocco please feel free to correct me if any information I give in the Morocco Series is incorrect – I had to look up the name of this medersa based on other photos on the internet – my brain is a bit mushy! Here is a brief, but good article on the Medersas of Fes from Africa Travel Magazine.


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