Morocco Series: Fes Part II, The Medina


I’m back with more photos from Fes, this time with photos taken around the streets of Fes El-Bali (old Fes). The old city is surrounded by walls – which are being restored over time. “Fes el Bali is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its medina, the larger of the two medinas of Fes, is believed to be the world’s largest contiguous car-free urban area. The University of Al-Karaouine, founded in 859 C.E., is the oldest continuously functioning university in the world.” –via Wikipedia

*please be patient during photo upload – I’ve specially uploaded higher-res images so you guys get extra detail! 🙂

One of the many public fountains in the Fes Medina – you’ll see people standing in line waiting to fill up large jugs of fresh water to bring back to their homes.

A typical sight on the medina streets.

One of the larger squares in the Medina. The larger pots you see sitting around are available for rent if your family is planning a large gathering and need to make a lot of food.

The residential streets are getting narrower over time and you’ll see a lot of scaffolding used throughout the Medina to support failing walls.

A stunning ceiling outside entry to a mosque. Nothing was left unadorned!

The Kairaouine Mosque tower – the image doesn’t do the color justice. Non-Muslims are not permitted to enter- but no one seems to mind us standing just outside the entry and taking photos.
Looking into the courtyard of the Kairaouine Mosque

I believe this shot was us looking into a mosque.

One of the many tanneries. Our guide took us up to the terrace to avoid the smell (the terrace, of course, being a part of his friend’s leather shop)

We got lost at night, and while the streets were mostly lit, we still had to give an eager child a few dirhams to lead us out.

The main entrance to the Medina, Bab Bou Jeloud is actually a “recent addition,” being built in 1913.

Chris and I were pleased that many of the food stalls and vendors were patronized by locals, not all tourists.

*All photos taken by my boyfriend, Chris

** I am by no means an expert and after 7 days of running around Morocco please feel free to correct me if any information I give in the Morocco Series is incorrect!


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