A refreshing spin on vinyl wall decor


It’s shameful that I’m just showing this to you guys as I was introduced to Uppercase Living in October. Better late than never?

Vinyl wall decor is very popular now so I think the trick to avoiding “cliche” is to find new ways to use it -whether it be in/on an unusual place or make it extremely personalized. On Uppercase Living you can definitely find some new ideas when it comes to using wall decals.

Frame your decal

I like the abstract botanical decal used to anchor bed visually


I also think words/phrases work when used sparingly in certain rooms, mostly the kitchen, children’s rooms, or home offices/studios.

What do you think of these? Are any of these appealing to you – do you have any clever wall decal solutions to share?

Also one cool thing about the website is that you can pick a decal and test it against your wall color – or see how it looks on a mirror, etc. Here’s the link for the online Design Suite.

What do you think?!


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