A great product for all those knitters out there!


I’m not a knitter, but I am a crocheter, and I love my luxury yarns in all those cozy textures and delicate colors – so needless to say, A LOT of my scarves go without washing for a little longer than they should.

Actually, my everyday, can’t-live-without scarf is a kashmir pashmina. I bought in Florence three years ago for $12 euro and I use it for everything from a shawl to a bedspread. For the price I doubt it’s quality kashmir but the garment has only gotten softer over time and I still find it as beautiful as the day I bought it.

Well, long story short, Soak wrote to me and asked if I’d like to try their care product, a premium wash for cashmere, silk, wool, lingerie, hand-made quilts, etc. I asked for a few samples, and the first thing I washed was my only cashmere sweater and my beloved pashima. The resulting scent was subtle and lovely – and best – my garments really were softer. I actually will probably by a nice travel sized bottle, as I ended up washing my pashima with regular detergent after returning from Morocco and the thing came out stiff as cardboard.

Well, I’m sounding like an infomercial here, so you can read all about them for your self at the Soak website.

“Originally created as a care product for knits, Soak™ has since evolved into a premium wash for all delicates, including but not limited to: hand knits & handmade quilts, cashmere, silk, linen & wool, lingerie & hosiery, swimwear, workout & yoga gear, embellished clothing, baby clothes & blankets, stuffed animals, even your dog! Soak’s™ no-rinse formulation is quick and easy to use for hand-washing (takes approximately 15 minutes), will not leave any soap residue due to the low-suds formula, is gentle on fibers and hands, and leaves your washables clean, soft and smelling great!

Great for mom, grandma, the knitting or quilting enthusiast, the fashion design student, the world traveler, the new mom, the on-the-go business executive, the cashmere-clad boyfriend or husband, or anyone who owns delicates, Soak™ has an endless variety of uses complimenting just about anyone’s lifestyle.” –via Soak site

They also make cute little tags for knitters to put inside garments and gifts


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