Yes, No, or Meh… How do you feel about this fireplace? (Plus a lovely roundup of fireplaces)


I ran across this fireplace in metropolitan home. It was really the chimney breast that caught my attention. It’s not my style but I still can’t make an unbiased judgment as to whether or not I like it. I suppose I can say that I like the concept of customizing, or calling out the chimney breast, but I just can’t carry off zebra stripes. What do you think?

via Metropolitan Home

So, this inspired me to sniff out some fireplaces that I was certain I liked!

I think this is so pretty and sweet. It’s a similar idea to that above – but instead of painting the chimney breast it’s been wallpapered.
image and instructions at Ideal Home

via Flickr
I thought this was a sweet idea – with the photos, and as you can see it also works in many architectural situations.

via House to Home

All four of these images make me gush – and a great way to use a fireplace that is non-working or out of season.
via Abbey Goes Design Scouting

via Fireplace Decorating

I think the magic of the image above is that the painting above the fireplace is almost the same size and proportion as the fireplace opening. The stark white walls also make a striking contrast.

via Apartment Therapy


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