How to Place an Exterior Painting Bid


Consider critical factors when placing an exterior painting bid. These factors include the cost of materials, the amount of time the project will take, and whether the painter has liability insurance. These tips will help you to place an accurate bid and get a reasonable price.

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Calculate the cost of materials

To make an accurate paint bid for a house, you must determine the cost of materials. It can be arduous, but knowing the variables and how to calculate them can help you come up with an accurate estimate.

First, you must know how to calculate the square footage of your home. Usually, this is the most relevant measurement to use for your exterior painting job. But you should also include the square footage of your ceilings and windows.

The next step is calculating the labor cost for the exterior paint service. The time needed to perform the task can vary depending on several factors.

Lastly, you need to determine the amount of paint you need for the job. Generally, good quality exterior paint costs between $25 and $40 per gallon.

Once you have determined the number of gallons of paint you will need for the job, you can multiply that number by the cost of each material. It is how you come up with the total cost of your painting project.

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Include non-painting time

When bidding on a home or business painting job, many options exist. The key to winning the contract is to get the client’s attention and be the first contractor they contact. In addition to delivering high-quality work and ensuring they are happy with the end product, you will be on the way to a successful relationship.

Creating a winning painting bid is no walk in the park. Among the tasks involved are choosing the best subcontractor, identifying the stratosphere, deciding on the paint color scheme, and putting a cap on the cost of labor and materials. Luckily for you, there are a few best practices you can use to ensure a winning bid. One such best approach is to have a written document outlining each item in your proposal. It will ensure that both parties are aware of the scope of the task and the appropriate expectations are set.

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Get multiple estimates from painters

Getting multiple estimates from painters is vital if you want an accurate estimate of the price of the painting job. A well-rounded bid should include everything you need to know about the job. It should also reflect the quality of the work.

The most critical step when putting together a bid is to visit the job site. It will allow you to get an accurate estimate of how long the job will take.

You will need to get an idea of the area you need painting. If you need more clarification about how much space you have, get an online calculator to help you.

You will also need to determine the paint size and type. It’s essential to include the cost of equipment in your bid.

You should also add a cushion for any mistakes. The more specific you are about your estimate, the better it will be.

Having an accurate estimate will save you money. It can also help you get more jobs. It’s also important to know your market. You should always know the latest trends in the industry.

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Include liability insurance

It is crucial to include liability insurance when placing an exterior painting bid. A painter’s work can cause damage to the home. Therefore, you need to be prepared for possible lawsuits.

Most states require painters to have Workers’ Compensation Insurance, which pays for the medical expenses of employees who suffer injuries in the workplace. It can also cover wages lost due to an accident.

A professional liability policy will help you if a customer sues you. You can also use it to protect your business. It can also help you with legal fees.

For example, you might have a problem with a product supplier. They might sue you if you used their logos in a way that damaged their reputation. You can also have issues with customers who sue you because you did something wrong on the job. Thanks to Hedlund Painting for consulting.


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