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To keep the living space fresh and updated, renovating houses is important in everyone’s lives. Around the world, hundreds and millions of houses are renovated with customized interior designs or by hiring an interior designer. 

The home improvement industry has been thriving more than ever since COVID. This is because people are spending more time in their homes, hence, investing in home renovations. 

The US alone has spent $538 billion on home improvement, making a total of 1.1billion revenue for the remodeling industry. Furthermore, the research claims that the US remodeling industry is anticipated to see a rise of 4.1% CAGR between the years 2021 to 2027. 

Living room with rustic and clean design
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However, The aim of renovating the house is not only to update it with the latest available interior designs; instead, it deals with durability as well. So, the fundamental objective of this article is to provide you with the best interior ideas which will last you for years. 

You can spice up your interior design game by transforming the furniture, floors, appliances, and decoration. Here are some interior design ideas that will transform your dull living space into something exciting.

Interior Design Ideas You’ll Love

1. Play with Tiles to Fit Your Aesthetic

Hardwood floors are not the only alternative to decorating your home. Tiles are one of the most overlooked flooring solutions in many parts of the world. People are of the view that tiles belong to the kitchen and bathrooms alone. But the idea of employing tiles all over the house will save and provide you with several benefits.

Types of Tiles

If you are planning to visit tile stores for the best interiors, you will come across quite a few types of tiles that will grab your attention at a very first glance. Different types serve distinct applications, but each is used throughout the different processes of interior designing.

Some of the highly used types of tiles are;

  • Ceramic Tiles: it is used in a wide array of different applications. It is best known for its stain-resistant qualities and versatility in home improvement projects. Affordability and durability make ceramics an ideal choice for home decor. Glazed ceramic tiles provide enhanced protection from damage and decay as compared to wood and wallpapers. 
  • Porcelain Tiles: these tiles are made of a higher ratio of silica and quartz. It is more durable and expensive compared to its other counterparts. It is available in numerous colors, textures, and styles.
  • Glass Tiles: what is better than sparkling glass tiles? It is the best choice for backsplash and shower tiles in bathrooms. In comparison to other tiles, glass tiles are impeccable to any stain, even the nastiest stains of red wine and lemon juice. 

Around the world, plenty of tile bars and tile stores are present, which aids you in choosing your favorite first according to the budget. But you need to ensure what type befits your space and goes along with the overall theme of your house. 

Go Trendy with Backsplash Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen and dining space
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  • Decorating your kitchen with backsplash kitchen tiles is one of the trendy ways to give an exciting and textured outlook to your kitchen. 
  • Backsplash tiles are used in the areas behind the stove or hood; it helps cover up the complicated areas that are extremely difficult to clean.
  • Backsplash kitchen tiles are stain-resistant; you don’t have to worry about the oil or rust stains that distort the appearance of your kitchen.

2. Update or Upholster the Furniture

Along with employing tiles in your workplace, you can also update your furniture to decorate and design your home interior. It is one quick and reliable way to alter the boring aura of your house. 

You should add small wooden furniture to your house instead of space-consuming huge workpieces that make the space suffocated and small. 

You must consider elements such as color, shape, texture, and form to choose your furniture. After you are aware of your architecture, the next step is to take proper measurements of your area. You should ensure that the furniture you are placing is moderate for the space and not overwhelming. You should not feel like you are sitting in a showroom of furniture.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to spend a hefty amount of cash just to get the look you’re aiming for. You can try to upholster your current furniture to fit your vibe. Doing so will provide the perfect balance between style and budget.

3. Add an Element of Nature to your Living Space

Dining table with plates served and flowers in a vase
Used with permission of Kira David Design

What is better than a green plant or attractive color of flowers lying in your room, lawn, or on the dining table? It is an old traditional way to enhance your space by simply putting flowers or small pots of plants. 

Traditional yet this technique is followed by almost every interior designer. Several easy-to-care plants are present, which can last for years if provided with proper water and a little sunshine. Most interior designers will ask you to avoid any fake floral arrangements in your home.  

Most psychologists believe that keeping plants and flowers inside your home and workplace greatly reduces stress and anxiety levels. It helps in better concentration and has a calming influence on you, helping you achieve your task and yielding a productive result.  

Flowers will add a finishing touch to your renovated house; it will spill life into the lifeless tiles and furniture. The fragrance will add warmth and an aura of love and remembrance.


Designing your personal space with the best interiors is the dream and desire of almost every second human being. There are numerous articles available on the internet that will explain the twenty-thirty ways in which you can transform your home.

But this article explains the two best-selected means through which you can achieve your desired outcome. That is by updating the furniture, adding greenery, and employing tiles in different areas of your home. The ideas mentioned are both time and budget friendly. It will eliminate your confusion and provide you with an apt result.

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