5 Tips for a Picture-Perfect Home


used with permission from Millhaven Homes

As a homeowner, you know how important it is to maintain your home from the inside and out. Apart from keeping the interior in pristine condition, you should also focus on keeping the exterior free from impurities to allow for picture-perfect moments.

Whether you are planning to sell your home or make it stand out in the neighborhood, you must know how to enhance its appearance and make it the talk of the town. For that, here are a few tips you can check out that can add beauty and elegance to your home:

1. Keep the lawn in good condition

The quality of your lawn has a lot to say about the appearance of your home. You wouldn’t want the surrounding area to be populated by weeds and overgrown grass. These will make your home less appealing, so you must invest time and money in lawn care. For that, keep the grass properly irrigated and make sure to add ample fertilizer and mulch. Your goal is to achieve a lush and healthy lawn that’s free of imperfections. 

sed with permission from Millhaven Homes

2. Enhance the entryway

The front door not only serves as an entryway. It also serves as an aesthetic component of the exterior. Consider enhancing the doorway by giving it a new coat of paint or varnish. You can also replace the door knob and add features such as a peephole and glazing. If it seems necessary, you might as well replace the door altogether with a more durable style. In Melbourne, shops like Doors Plus offer a variety of custom doors that go well with the overall appearance of your home.

sed with permission from Millhaven Homes

3. Do a bit of landscaping

There are numerous ways you can improve the landscaping of your home. Aside from adding outdoor lighting to illuminate walkways and outdoor spaces, you can also include water features such as a fountain or makeshift koi pond. You can also add a flower garden as well as bushes and shrubs pruned into intricate shapes. These landscaping ideas can add elegance to your outdoor space.

sed with permission from Millhaven Homes

4. Stay on theme

If you are in the mood to decorate the exterior of your home. you might want to follow a theme. In case you want a more minimalist vibe, use monochromatic colors for the paint job and use fewer exterior decorations. If you want an exterior design that matches your desire for sustainability, opt for an exterior that uses earthy colors and hanging plants. 

5. Freshen up the garage

Whether or not it’s attached to your home, your garage can play a big part in the appearance of your property. Apart from keeping the driveway clean, you should also check for cracks and dents on the roof. You might also want to repaint and repair the garage door and roof if they haven’t had an upgrade for a while. If you want your garage to be less boring, add some plants on the roof or other details like moldings to give it a more rustic appearance. 

Your home can be your sense of pride if you invest in the right improvements. Make it the envy of the neighborhood by applying these picture-perfect tips.  Thanks to Doors Plus for consulting.


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