5 Ideas to Improve Your Garden


Whether small or large, owning a garden is a real perk for any home. A garden offers a welcome and secure place to venture, bringing to an end the monotony of being stuck indoors. In addition, it provides a significant source of jobs to keep you and your family busy. However, like your home, gardens require some additional care and attention from time to time to rejuvenate and enhance the home value. Here are some essential ideas to help you improve and enhance your garden.

Used with permission from Millhaven Homes

  1. Install glass on your fireplace

Hanging out in the garden in summer evenings is everyone’s favorite pastime, especially if you have a fireplace. An outdoor fire pit creates a warm and cozy atmosphere and lights the garden for an outdoor evening party.

Installing fire pit glass is a perfect way to liven up an outdoor fireplace and make it virtually striking. This glass comes in various sizes and colors to help you match existing décor or add a bit of color to an area that is lacking. If you need fire glass to be installed in your fireplace, be sure to contact an experienced glass specialist like vanisleglass.com for best results. 

  1. Fill gaps in pots with temporary colors

Freshly planted pots are likely to have a lot of bare compost. As you wait for the plants to mature, consider filling these gaps with instant colors by planting primroses or violas to put up with the empty scene. These strong and brightly-colored plants will illuminate your garden for as long as you want them to do.

Used with permission from Millhaven Homes
  1. Choose self-seeding flowers

Self-seeding plants are a perfect choice for a hands-off horticulturist that doesn’t have the time or ability to propagate plants or doesn’t have money to buy them. Once you get your first batch of seeds, which you may likely hunt from a friend or neighbor for free, sow them and let them grow up to maturity. The plants will drop new seeds, and you will experience fresh blooms the following season.

  1. Divide your flower plants

Splitting summer flowering plants can help increase the number of flowers in your garden. Diving your perennials will add more color to your garden while also making your original plants healthier by ensuring they don’t overgrow. The most suitable plants for dividing include asters, heucheras, primroses, and daylilies.

used with permission from Patterson Custom Homes
  1. Maintain your lawn

Everyone wants their lawn to appear neat and attractive. However, to have a lush green lawn, you must ensure it is well-maintained by regularly mowing and watering it. How often you should cut your grass usually depends on where you live and the time of the year, but generally, the more you mow your lawn, the better.

Regarding watering your lawn, fully grown grass should be watered once a week between June and September. Water your lawn before noon to let the grass dry out before evening. Less watering is needed in autumn and spring, but you can make a break for it in winter.

used with permission from Patterson Custom Homes


It is easier to give your garden a pocket-friendly makeover. Whether you consider splitting your flowers, choosing self-seeding plants, or taking care of your lawn, you can transform your garden into an outdoor space that will make you proud. Take these tips into account, and you will be well on the right way to improving your garden. Thanks to Van Isle Glass for consulting


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