Factors to Help you Choose the Best Dog Bed


Whether you are a first-time dog owner, or a seasoned one, you still need to go along with the shift from kennels to dog beds. A kennel is no longer your dog’s home and as you trains your dog to enjoy indoor spaces, then you will realize the need for it to have its own bed. Yes, your dog might like sleeping in your bed or on your sofa, but you won’t particularly like the weird smell or the fur it leaves behind. So before you blindly go online to check for a dog bed, here are some quick facts to consider.

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Know Your Dog’s Size and Weight

Your dog will grow bigger and weight a lot more than it currently is, unless it’s already mature and therefore you can easily predict and expect it to retain its size. You can measure your dog’s weight by picking it and standing on a scale. Once you know its weight, you can then decide on the structure of the dog bed. If your dog is too heavy, e.g 20kgs and above, then don’t get a plastic dog bed because your dog can easily break it, especially if it is playful. You can also measure your dog’s size by measuring the length from its tail tip to its nozzle when its asleep. Once you have the size, make sure you add at least 10’ to accommodate stretching, growth and turning. A small dog size will cause adverse problems in its hips when it grows larger and older.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Compare Aesthetic versus Utility

Aesthetics basically means the bed looks good and is expensive. It is difficult to attain aesthetic appeal at minimal costs and that’s why its important to prioritize utility over aesthetic value. The first thing to understand is that the bed might look good to you but offer less utility to your dog. There’s no point in having too many gadgets and automation, when all your dog needs is a comfortable place to sleep and rest. To your dog, the main thing is comfort. This allows it to maximize on its sleep and rest. On the other hand, your dog bed will offer you convenience since by being mobile you can move it wherever you need your dog to be. If you need your dog to go outside and exercise, then placing the dog bed in the porch or lawn will do the trick.

Choose the Right Fabric

The right fabric choice assures you of comfort whether it’s for your clothes or linen. The same goes for your pets because your dog bed will have to be just as comfortable in any climate to ensure your dog sticks to it. Make sure the fabric is soft and climate friendly. Secondly, make sure the fabric is easy to clean and won’t harbor dirt or pathogens. Therefore a waterproof fabric would be the right choice for your pet. The fabric should also be hypoallergenic to cater for pets with breathing issues. Thanks to Catch for consulting.


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