How Professional Staging Can Help You Sell Your Home Fast


Used with permission from J Patryce Design Photographer: Christian Harder

Real estate is all about first impressions, whether you are selling your home in Sydney or Scarborough. If you’ve ever fallen in love with a house the moment you walked in the door, you know the importance of an excellent first impression. It only takes one sitting by the fireplace or a cup of coffee at the breakfast nook for a buyer to be sold on a house. 

According to a joint study from The National Association of Realtors and Google, The Digital House Hunt: Consumer and Market Trends in Real Estate, nine in 10 home buyers conduct their primary search online. There is no doubt that if the real estate photos of a home up for sale do not exceed the standards, potential buyers will likely move on to the following listing. 

How do you create an impactful picture of your home right from the beginning, one that draws potential buyers in and makes them want to see and learn more about it? When it comes to selling your home, one of the best ways is to work with the best home styling Sydney has to offer. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you should stage your home.

Used with permission from J Patryce Design Photographer: Christian Harder

Depersonalize Your Home

A home with pictures of the owner’s children on the walls and mementos from family vacations on the fireplace mantel will make you smile. The personal items make potential homeowners see the home as someone else’s home, not their own. Home staging usually begins by decluttering and removing personal items to create an inviting, neutral scheme. The goal is to help buyers imagine themselves living there. 

According to the National Association of Realtors, as many as 77% of agents said staging a home helped buyers visualize the property as their future home. To help buyers feel a sense of belonging, home staging neutralizes decor in a way that helps them feel at home.

Used with permission from J Patryce Design Photographer: Christian Harder


In order to stage a home effectively, you must first clean, declutter, and make any minor repairs that are needed. A clean and well-presented home will make home buyers envision their kids playing in the backyard rather than cobwebs and untidy corners. Buyers won’t focus on the broken outlet cover or leaky faucet; instead, they’ll imagine preparing dinner in the kitchen. When a home is clean and decluttered, potential buyers are instantly captivated and will keep thinking about it for a long time after leaving.


Used with permission from J Patryce Design Photographer: Christian Harder

Faster Sale

A quicker sale means a better price for a home seller because the longer a home stays on the market, the lower it tends to be. A home’s price drops lower the longer it stays on the market. It is also far more likely that buyers will make a lowball offer if a house is on the market for a long time.

Higher Closing Price

Your neighborhood probably has at least one more home for sale. What prevents prospective buyers from falling in love with another house at the same price point? A beautifully staged home can set your home apart, and buyers are more likely to pay more.  Thanks to Spatial for consulting

Consider the benefits of working with a professional staging company if you sell your home.


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