Tips For Buying The Perfect Condo For You In 2022


Are you thinking about buying a new condo but you want to make sure that it is absolutely perfect for you? If so, there are some important factors that you will need to consider. It is easy to get swept up in the excitement of property hunting, which is why having a plan in place is essential before making any commitments.

In this article, we’re going to share some tips for buying the perfect condo for you in 2022.

1. Carefully consider your lifestyle

Think about your lifestyle and the kind of life that you want to live. Is having a green space important to you? Or would you be satisfied with a nice, spacious balcony? Do you want to be close to work or would you rather be closer to the action? Take your time and write a list of all the things that are important to you. This will go a long way toward finding the perfect condo in a suitable area.

2. Hire a real estate agency to help you

Trying to navigate the complex real estate market in Thailand without some assistance is difficult. When you work with the professionals it makes life so much easier. The best agencies will not only have plenty of connections, but they should have a thorough knowledge of the area in which you are interested in buying.

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For example: if you are looking for a 2-bedroom condo to buy, a reputable real estate agency will likely already have access to a great selection of viable properties for you to explore. This can save you an awful lot of time with the searching process.

3. Decide what kind of amenities you need

Many great condominiums offer a wide variety of in-house facilities and amenities, so make sure you think carefully about what you would like. Yes, there are certain things that you will need, but you should also think about the amenities that are not so much essential but would be an amazing addition for your lifestyle.

For example: some of the best condominium complexes in Bangkok will have fitness rooms, saunas & steam rooms, and rooftop swimming pools. While these are not necessarily a “need”, why settle for anything less when such wonderful amenities are available?

4. Research the property development company

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When you have a few prospective condos in mind, make sure you research the respective property development company. What is their track record like? Do their ethics align with your own? Who will be in charge of maintaining the condominium? Reputation is important, particularly when making such a large investment.

5. Review regulations and additional fees

 Make sure that you are completely up to date with all regulations and aware of any additional fees before making your commitment. Most condos will have a monthly maintenance charge on top (aka common area management fees), so it helps to know exactly what to expect when making an investment.

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