Selling Your Home? Embrace Minimalism


Minimalism has its supporters and detractors. There are people who roll their eyes at the trend and people who live by a ‘less is more’ mentality. But one thing’s for sure when selling a home, minimalism has the potential to work wonders in the preparation, listing and sale of your house.

Minimalist style designed living room
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Clutter, memories, and piles of storage don’t help in selling a home in Hamilton. While it’s not just a design style, minimalism can be a huge help when getting a house ready to sell. Here are just a few ways embracing minimalism can help to make homes for sale in Hamilton Ontario more appealing to potential buyers.

Makes Your Home Look Tidier

By going through your home and removing excess belongings, it makes your house look much, much neater. By taking away the extra stuff and leaving only the bare necessities, any room can look bigger, brighter, and more stylish. Alternatively, if it’s crammed full of extra furniture, decor, collections and knick-knacks, it gives off a messy, cramped, claustrophobic feeling, making your home seem less appealing and attractive.

Kitchen and dining table with bar chairs
Used with permission of Patterson Custom Homes, architect David Pierce Hohmann, architect and associates and photographer Ryan Garvin

This mentality extends to storage areas, too. By decluttering your closets and storage spaces, it gives off a feeling that there is plenty of room in the house. Closets filled to the brim are going to indicate the house is easy to grow out of and turn off buyers.

Pack away anything and everything that is necessary to the function of a room before listing. You can use this as an opportunity to remove excess clutter from your own life before you move, or you can have the items stored at another location for the duration your house is on the market.

Allows Buyers to Imagine Their Own Life There

When looking at potential homes, it can be difficult enough to imagine your own life there, but even more so when you’re being bombarded by personal tokens like family photos, quirky furniture, personal tchotchkes, and artwork suited to someone else’s tastes.

Leaving just the necessities behind allows them to picture different functions of a room and what their life will be like living there. They can imagine where they’ll hang their favorite painting or where their own furniture will go.

Is Great for Staging

Living room with couch with pillows, table and chairs
Used with permission of Melanie Gowen

Minimalism helps every step of the selling process, including by making it easier to clean and get into every single nook and cranny that’s necessary when having potential buyers come through for showings or an open house.

Keeping things minimal also allows you stage your house. In this way, you can amplify the highlights and features of your home that you want to amplify, rather than having them outshined by your personal belongings.

Keeping windows clear and unobstructed as much as possible while still retaining privacy where necessary helps to allow an abundance of natural light in, which always helps a home look its best.

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