More Than Just Cutlery: Styling Precious Metals In Your Kitchen


Kitchens can be an easy place to trip up when it comes to interior design, especially if you have taken the effort to make a stylish and luxurious feeling home. You can take a long time planning through a full-scale renovation, with a sleek and smooth finish to the kitchen floor, cabinets and tables, but often we forget about one of the most important items there is to go with it.

Cutlery Is Integral To A Well-Designed Kitchen

Beautiful and intricately designed cutlery is the perfect finishing touch to any stylish kitchen. Precious metals such as gold and silver can give your kitchen a professional and sleek touch, which can be integral in creating a well-rounded balance with your intended kitchen design. Say, for instance, your kitchen has a modernist and minimalist look.

This can often involve materials such as copper taps or steel islands, giving the space an air of coldness and clinicism. With the cutlery, however, you can integrate a bit of traditionalism into that design, turning the kitchen from a clinical space into a room with heart.

So what kind of cutlery will work best for your kitchen? Here are a few notes to help you work it out.

Silver Cutlery For A Soft And Lustrous Kitchen

Kitchen with dining table
Used with permission of Emily Followill

Looking at silver, specifically, this is the most commonly used cutlery to give your kitchen both a sleek and soft appearance, no matter whether your kitchen is modernist or traditionalist. Due to its symbol of purity and perfection, it is typically the opportune metal for religious households, with many using holiday influenced dining sets, from a silver honey dish to an intricately designed spice box, all to represent their faith and create a warm and welcoming tabletop.

Gold Cutlery For Prestige And Beauty

Gold, on the other hand, can bring a slightly more prestigious and luxurious quality to your kitchen. This is perfect when paralleled with a more traditional, wooden kitchen, as the gold colours can radiate warmly amongst the wood.

Whilst not as durable as silver, gold has always been used to portray wealth and richness, so if you are trying to create a high-end and prestigious home, then gold cutlery can be a perfect means to incorporate this style into your kitchen.

Stainless Steel Cutlery For A Modernist Design

Kitchen with kitchen island and shelfs
Used with permission of Lisa Furey Interiors

If, however, you would like to match your modern kitchen design with the cutlery, then there is nothing wrong with going for stainless steel. This is a simple and bold option which would undoubtedly phase smoothly into the kitchen as a whole. Some people like a more clean and minimalist look, and there are a number of other benefits to stainless steel cutlery too.

Your Kitchen Is Important

Remember, your kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the house. Many people no longer have dining rooms, which means that any meal prepared in the kitchen will also be eaten in the kitchen too. In this way, the kitchen has become the beating hub of the home.

If you want your cutlery to reflect this fact, then there is no doubt that it should remain at the forefront of your attention.

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