Are handleless kitchens the answer to your next remodel?


Is remodeling your kitchen on your to-do list? Well, it’s a well-welcomed change, but it comes with a lot of choices and decisions.

Deciding the best layout, cabinetry, and color are just some of the many things you need to think about, but you shouldn’t worry: if you start with baby steps and balance your choices according to your needs, you’re going to go through this process and succeed.

Kitchen with kitchen island and bar chairs
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Among the most popular kitchen designs are the handleless kitchens, which gained popularity over the last few years, being appreciated for their practical character. If you’re more into a contemporary style, handleless kitchens are just the right thing for you, but they can easily be integrated into any style. Handleless cabinets have long been appreciated for their smooth aesthetic, but there are many other interesting facts about them, so read on to find out what is all the buzz with these kitchens about.

Timeless style

Handleless kitchens are on-trend but learn that their style is timeless. We know that one of your biggest concerns when choosing a new kitchen is whether or not it will pass the test of time, and we can assure you in this regard that handleless kitchens are a safe choice. As the saying goes, less is more, and so it is with kitchens. Due to their unfussy profile, they fit any design and layout; do you know what is one of the most significant advantages of this cabinetry? They allow you to navigate through your space with more ease, which is essential when cooking.

Maybe it hasn’t been long since you first heard about handleless kitchens, but they’ve been around for more than 40 years. However, the shift to contemporary living and minimalism has pushed numerous individuals to opt for this design. Therefore, what was once a stagnant design turned into handleless. Manufacturers seem to be aware of the customers’ need for something else, so they make efforts to bring that “something else” into their homes. You can now find numerous manufacturers that sell handleless kitchens to adapt to their customers’ changing needs and busy lifestyles.

Easy to clean

Kitchen and dining table with bar chairs
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Kitchens are generally challenging to clean, and even handleless kitchens have their pros and cons when it comes to this aspect, but at least there are no handles to insist upon when doing the routine cleaning. Handles are also more exposed to those annoying fingerprint stains and are usually harder to clean.

Provide extra space

The minimalist style with clear lines provides more space for you and your family and more safety for your kids. We all know that kids usually want to reach out and open everything, and it’s dangerous because clutter might fall and wound them. Also, you’re at less risk of snagging your clothes. Thus, when looking for that extra space for your kitchen, we strongly advise you to take into account the handleless style. If you have little space in your kitchen, saving every square centimeter is even more important.

The safety of a handleless kitchen

Handleless kitchens are considered safer than those with handles. We all know how annoying it is to bash your head or hip on cabinet knobs or drawer handles. Such accidents are quite common in the kitchen, especially since we spend most of our time there. Whether cooking or simply spending time with your family, those handles can sometimes impede proper navigation through the kitchen.

When it comes to the little ones, the advertisements are real: children are even more prone to bumps since some units are often right at the same height as their heads. That’s one of the reasons more and more families prefer “no handle” to “handle”.

Alternatives to handleless kitchens

Kitchen with kitchen elements and black and white carper
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However, if this type of furniture didn’t convince you, it’s totally fine; you have hundreds of options to choose from. Some popular kitchens styles include:


This is the most common style for cabinetry, so if you don’t want to take the risk with other kitchen designs, shaker cabinets are your thing. This style is formed from five pieces of flat-paneled doors with rail frames, which makes for a great functional and practical design. There are also a variety of materials to pick, from solid wood (quarter sawn oak, cherry, hickory, maple etc.) to MDF (medium-density fiberboard) or plywood. It would be best to choose the latter if you have a tight budget since it’s both qualitative and cost-effective. But if you want something that stands the test of time, go for the former. Wood is such a classic that it will never go out of trend and can be passed from generation to generation if adequately maintained.

Tall kitchen cabinets

These cabinets have gained popularity lately, being appreciated by many householders who want to make the most of their kitchen space. They can be either free-standing or bound to other cabinet units, but the biggest advantage is serving several purposes. The great news is that you’ll never go out of storage space if you opt for this kind of cabinet design. If you frequently use unmanageable or too-big-to-be-stored items, it would be great to consider taller or pantry cabinets. Apart from the classic sauces, cereals, sugar, and flour, you can also accommodate appliances like microwaves or ovens in these cabinets.

Inset-style cabinets

These are, without any doubt, not typical cabinet doors, as they involve an inset door placed inside the cabinet frame, not outside of the frame, like other kitchen doors. Does it sound unusual? Well, a bit, but consider the inset cabinet doors if you want your kitchen to stand out. However, it would be helpful to know that this cabinetry style involves exposed hinges that you have to purchase separately. But if you have the budget, this shouldn’t be a problem.


We hope our insights into handleless kitchens will help you make the right decision for you. As you can see, they have a lot of advantages, but there are also alternatives if this particular style doesn’t suit your needs and preferences. Fortunately, you have a lot of choices when it comes to kitchens, so if you’re in the middle of your remodel and don’t know yet what to pick, take a look at our recommendations.

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