Top 6 Ways to Reduce Your Energy Bill


Despite an increase in green energy production and more awareness of power usage, the cost of energy seems to constantly rise. The exact increase depends on where you live but the trend is the same upward, often by more than your latest pay rise.

It’s worth noting that the average energy bill in Australia is now $1,645, and that’s just electricity.

In short, you need to find a way to reduce your energy bill and fast. Fortunately, there are six effective ways to reduce your energy bill.

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1. Check For leakage

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It may surprise you to learn that electricity can leak. Appliances can draw current from the mains and allow it to discharge through the wires or even the shell of the appliance. It then reaches the earth and is grounded, dissipating safely.

It can be difficult to tell if any of your appliances are leaking. That’s why you should start saving energy by spending a little money. Get a qualified electrician Sydney to check your electrics. They will advise and fix any leakage issues.

Alongside this, an electrician can make sure your electrics are safe, reducing the risk of a fire or other hazards.

2. Shorten Your Shower

The average shower lasts eight minutes. But, you don’t need to take this long n the shower to make sure you are clean and ready to face anything.

Shorten your shower by just one minute each time. You’ll quickly get used to the slightly shorter shower and realize you can still wash yourself effectively.

The upside is the reduced water consumption. This lowers the amount of water that needs to be reheated and saves you money o your bill. It may be just a few cents but when you shower every day that quickly adds up!

3. Unplug Everything

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Any item that is left plugged in, whether on standby or not, is going to pull current from the grid. If the item has electrical leakage that increases the draw. But, even keeping the appliance in standby mode draws a surprising amount of power and, again, the more items that are plugged in, the greater the amount of energy that is being used.

In short, unplug everything when it isn’t being used and remember to turn the lights off as well. If you don’t need it on then turn it off. In many ways, you are better off with task lighting rather than using large general room lights.   

4. Turn The Thermostat Down

This is probably something that you’ve heard of before. Turning the thermostat down by one or two degrees will make a significant difference to your heating bill. You probably won’t notice the temperature difference but, if you do, you can always add a jumper to stay warm.

The same is true n the summer, in reverse. Turn the thermostat up a degree or two and you’ll use the air conditioner a little less. It will all help you to save energy and money.

5. Make Sure You’re Using The Right Bulbs

Take a look at the bulbs in your light fittings. They should all have been replaced with LED lightbulbs. These are just as bright but much more efficient, using a fraction of the wattage that a standard bulb does.

Changing bulbs is easy and a job you can do yourself.

6. Full Loads Only

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Finally, you should pay attention, when loading your washing machine or dryer. It is best to run full loads only as this is more efficient and better for energy consumption than running partial loads.

Of course, wherever possible you should also dry your clothes naturally. The sun is very efficient, especially if there is a gentle breeze. It’s good for your clothes and uses a lot less energy.

This approach won’t just save you energy, it will also help your appliances to last longer which is great for your wallet.

Final Thoughts

The above six ways to save on your energy bill are only the start. There are many more ideas. All you have to do is spare some time to look at where you are using the most energy at home and how you can reduce that consumption.

Of course, if you really want to reduce your energy bill without reducing your usage, you’ll have to look at creating your own green energy. That means adding solar panels or a wind turbine in your own yard. It’s a great way to reduce the cost of energy supply and help to save the world.

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