How To Live The Minimalist Lifestyle


You may never realize that you have too much stuff until you have to move to other places. Many people have a clutter problem, which may become an issue in your daily life.

This is why many people are now leaning towards living a minimalist life, which is good, because it just makes life easier. A minimalist life is more than just the designs, simple decorations, or fewer belongings, but a complete lifestyle change because you may keep going back without that.

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If you need help, this article has some tips you can use.

Determine the necessities

If you want to live a minimalist life, you need to first list the things you know are necessities. Make a mental or physical note of important things, not what you think you should keep.

Identify clothes, pieces of furniture, decors, and other items that are important for your survival and let go of things you don’t need. Create a clutter box that you need to remove from your space. That’s an excellent start to a minimalist lifestyle.

Make a budget

Living a minimalist lifestyle also applies to your finances. Creating a budget of things you need will help you cut your expenses and help you save and spend on the things that matter.

Without a budget, you may clutter your space with irrelevant things. The 50/20/30 rule will help you spend more meaningfully.

Quality over quantity

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Being a minimalist means that you choose quality over quantity. You should limit what you need in the house and decorations to meaningful things.

For example, buying a wifi window AC is a more quality choice than an old or regular air conditioning system. Also, buying quality will help you save money in the long run; you won’t need to keep buying inferior things that’ll take up space in your home. Your decorations should be meaningful as well.

Consider reusables

When decluttering or moving to a new place, consider investing in reusables. For example, instead of using disposable or plastic bottles or cups, use reusable glass ones. It is good for you and the environment.

Organize things by category

You may find the KonMari method of organizing useful for a minimalist lifestyle; it’s good for decluttering. Organizing by category instead of location helps you know the number of a particular item you have, so you know what to keep and let go of excess.

Set a decluttering schedule

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Living a minimalist lifestyle isn’t just about getting rid of excess things initially. It’s about maintaining the lifestyle; else, before you know it, you’re already buying back the things you already let go.

This is why you need to set a decluttering schedule to keep yourself in check and examine unnecessary things and expenses in your home. You can set your decluttering schedule to monthly or every two months. It helps.


Living a minimalist lifestyle is good for you, your growth, and the environment. If everyone lived and maintained this lifestyle, maybe there wouldn’t be so much waste to deal with.

You can start with a list of the things you need that you know are meaningful. Then, you can take it up from there to let go of unnecessary things.

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