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Did you know interior design can impact how you feel? Improve the atmosphere in your home, and boost your mental health. If you want some tips on interior decoration, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over determining your home style design. Work with an interior designer or brainstorm with your friends. Make a plan for your upcoming renovation or home decor project.

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Used with permission of Jenny Keenan

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What Is Your Style?

Think about your home interior design and what you prefer. Is there a particular atmosphere you want in your home? Create different moods by changing the color palette.

Some people prefer to create a cohesive style in their homes. You could consider elegant, formal, modern, or traditional designs.

Begin gathering design inspiration. You can look at home interior magazines or browse Pinterest. Start to understand your interior design style before you make any plans.

Outline Your Dislikes

People often have an easier time explaining what they dislike. If you have a challenging time with the former point, write down what you dislike.

Would you prefer to steer away from bright colors like your childhood home? Consider choosing a neutral palette.

You might want to avoid past design trends that evoke a negative feeling. These memories tend to be individual and private.

How Does Your Space Currently Work?

Take stock of your current home. Do you feel certain rooms are super crowded? Sometimes, homeowners make the mistake of picking small furniture. You might choose furniture that’s way too large for the room.

Try to choose furniture that will suit the size of your space. You also want to create a balance and flow in your rooms.

For example, if you have a large room, you should create zones for various activities. You might have an area for television viewing and a work area in one corner. Have a seating area around a focal fireplace.

You should try to find a balance between being symmetrical but not too contrived.

Browse a Variety of Paint Samples

Island table with chairs in the kitchen
Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

Another critical step is comparing different paint selections. You should try and choose a paint color that will connect spaces harmoniously. For example, avoid choosing different bold colors for each room.

Instead, consider thinking about your house or condo as a whole. You should try and create a flow between rooms instead of making them feel disjointed.

Also, think about how different colors will affect people’s moods. Blue and green tend to calm people.

Observe the paint samples during different points of the day. Look at the samples in natural light. If you’re unsure about paint colors, you could always try out a few samples.

Paint chips are helpful, but the paint will often look different on your walls. If you’re looking to paint the walls white, remember undertones. Whites will have touches of yellows, blues, or even pinks.

The exterior can also affect the temperature of the light. The sky can end up creating a reflection of blue on your walls.

Try Shopping Around

Try looking for deals as you shop around for interior decoration and furniture. You could end up finding the perfect piece at a local thrift store or online.

Mix up high and low prices when working on your interior design style. You can splurge on something you love but look for second-hand items, as well.

Begin Designing From the Bottom

Homeowners often get overwhelmed by designing their homes. You might not know where you should start.

Start by working from the ground up. Will you add new carpeting to the floor or buy a stunning Persian rug?

Would you like to install hardwood floors? Think about your floor first and how other pieces will get layered overtop the flooring.

You should also think about how often people will walk through specific rooms. You might need flooring that will endure a lot of foot traffic.

You should also think about how your choices will affect the design and feel of the room.

How Do You Live?

A room with a bench and table
Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

Another factor to consider is how you and your family live in your home. Do you want a formal or relaxed setting? How many children and adults live in your home, and what do you all do? Do you need a home office?

If you have children, consider creating a playroom. The decorations you choose for a family home will look a lot different compared to someone who’s single.

You might like to host dinner parties. You will need adequate seating and a large dining table. If you plan to eat out or travel a lot, you won’t need as much furniture.

Think about what you’re looking for in your home. This will guide your choices as you shop around for furniture or decor.

Work With an Interior Designer or Builder

Some homeowners will choose to work with an interior designer. If you want to get insight from an expert, find a local designer.

Work with an architect or engineer if you’re completing a major renovation or want to build new. Some contractors will tell you about new home options. Consider contacting a barndo specialist or a tiny house builder.

Get Excited About Home Style Design

We hope this guide on home style design was helpful. Consider what kind of interior design style you want in your home. You could work with an interior designer.

Are you looking for more design tips? Check out our latest guide on the blog about how to make your home more peaceful and calm.

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