5 Ways To Incorporate Farmhouse Home Décor Into Your Living Space


Whether you live on a farm or in the middle of Manhattan, there are ways to bring the rustic character of the countryside to your living space. Cool, calm, chic yet traditional, farmhouse styles provide a cozy type of aesthetic that can make anywhere feel like home. 

If you have been trying to think of ways to incorporate farmhouse home décor into your house or apartment, then you are in luck. Without further ado, check out these five stylish ways to do just that. 

used with permission from Andrea West Design

1. Create a Vintage Wall of Mirrors

For a truly unusual and old-time touch to make your living space feel like a farmhouse from the past, consider creating a vintage wall of mirrors. To do this, go through your attack, basement or garage and dig out any silver platters and lightweight serving trays that you are okay with giving up for cooking use. Then, hang them up on the wall. 

2. Paint Half of Antiques

Are you the kind of person who hates looking at plain white walls? If so, then embracing farmhouse feeling art is definitely something to try. It might sound strange, but there is a fascinating level of rustic farmhouse style that painting unique antique finds halfway offers. Visit a local thrift store and keep your eyes open for anything that grabs your attention. You can try this artistic idea with old paintings, shelves, table legs or chairs. 

used with permission from Andrea West Design

3. Warm the Space With Wood Paneling

Another home design idea that will keep you away from boring walls is warming up the space with some retro wood paneling. Depending on the location of your home, having wood paneling in your living room can make you feel like you are in a cozy cabin while looking out your window as the snow falls down outside during wintertime. For an old-school vibe, you can keep the panels bare, or if you prefer to add a unique twist, you can always throw some of your own antique art on them. 

used with permission from Andrea West Design

4. Build a Minimalist Office Space

If you want your office to be ideal for work or study, you need to remove any sources of distracting noise. One way to do this is by building a desk that attaches to the wall and limiting the number of possessions that you allow into the room. To balance out a country feel to your studying space, consider introducing unique textures and materials. Also, do not be afraid to mix and match styles to add depth. 

used with permission from Andrea West Design

5. Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Speaking of paint jobs, another one to try is giving new life to the old kitchen cabinets that may be filling your cooking space. Without a doubt, kitchens offer a great canvas to work with if you want to decorate a farmhouse with an upcoming project. Painting works especially well for wooden cabinets, but you can also paint over metal and other materials. Do not be afraid to try bright and bold colors such as yellow, orange or lime green. A kitchen should be lively; it is where food comes to life.

If you want to make your home feel more like a farmhouse, these design ideas can help. Do not be afraid to get creative though. Thanks to Antique Farmhouse for consulting.


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