Pool Renovations vs Resurfacing: All the Pros and Cons


When you’re looking to get a swimming pool renovation, you want to make an informed decision. Making this choice is not a small investment, and you want to love your finished pool renovation.

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So, what are the differences between pool renovation and resurfacing? And what are the pros and cons of each of these swimming pool renovations?

Pool Renovations

Pool renovations are more than a cement touch-up of your swimming pool. These renovations can include adding tile, lights, equipment upgrades, and more new gadgets and upgrades to your existing pool.


Get everything you want without compromise. Doing a complete renovation means you get to take full advantage of the tile and equipment options on the market. 

The whole area will look completely new. With your swimming pool renovated, your backyard will become the ultimate hangout zone. 


It’s more expensive. This whole spec renovation will cost more than resurfacing your pool would.

It will take longer to complete the project. Depending on your design, it will take longer to complete a large update over a simple pool resurfacing.

Pool Resurfacing

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Pool resurfacing is done using a special technique where experts hand trowel on new aquatic finish cement on top of the old finish.


It’s more cost-effective. Just resurfacing your pool will be less expensive than updating the pool and its systems.

It’s more time-friendly. Pool resurfacing is much faster to do than a full remodel.


Title caps and some step inserts may need to be replaced. Certain accents and cap titles will have to be taken out and replaced, as keeping them may damage the pool.

It may not be what you imagined it. A resurfaced look isn’t for everyone, so be sure you know what the final product will look like once it’s completed before you commit.

Get the Best Contractor to do the Job

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Whether you want to get a swimming pool renovation or just resurfacing, both can add a new life to your old pool. Trust the right contractors to stay on budget, get the job done fast, and have a quality final product that will make your swimming pool feel like new.

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