8 Ways To Make Your Home Safer Today


Home is where the heart is. That’s why it’s important to keep yours safe and secure. From accidents to burglaries, it’s key that everybody in your home contributes to keeping it safe.

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In this article, we look at 8 ways that you can amp up the safety of your home today. Let’s get started.

Rule #1: Check Alarm Systems Regularly

Installing an alarm system is a major way to improve the safety of your home. Alarm systems alert you in the event of an intruder (or any other suspicious activity) and can be personalised to suit your needs. If you don’t have an alarm system installed yet, this is the number one way to increase the security of your property. When choosing an alarm system, opt for a trusted company that works with reputable manufacturers and the latest technology. If you’re on the hunt for an Alarm System Melbourne, Ninja Security is one of the top choices.

Once your alarm systems are installed, make sure that you check them regularly. This includes motion sensors, carbon monoxide alarms, and smart doorbells. Regular checks will ensure that they are working correctly and protecting your home from unwanted visitors.

Rule #2: Switch On Security Lights at Night

Typically, home intruders like to work at night when it’s dark. If an intruder sees lights on in your property, they are much less likely to risk entering. This is why it’s a good idea to switch your security lights on when it’s dark, especially when you aren’t home. Setting the lights to come on at the same time every night will make it appear like somebody is home, potentially deterring intruders.

Rule #3: Lock Rooms with Dangerous Chemicals

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If you have children or pets, get in the habit of locking rooms in your home where there are potential risks. For example, the laundry room contains chemicals that could be dangerous to young kids if ingested. Similarly, keep electrical appliances, sharp knives, or weapons locked away safely at all times.

Rule #4: Exercise Internet Safety

Home safety begins on the internet. Avoid sharing your personal details (such as your address, phone number, number of occupants in the house etc,) online. There are lots of scams, so the less personal information you share the better unless it is through a trusted site. Another tip to keep your home safe from internet scams is to never share on social media the dates when you will be on vacation or your home will be unattended. This information could fall into the wrong hands, resulting in a burglary.

Finally, under no uncertain circumstances should you post a photo of your keys online. You will often see people share photos of their house keys on social media when they buy a new home, showing off a new keychain. Fun, right? Actually no. Nowadays, experts can make a copy of your keys with just a photo. So, avoid posting snaps of your keys.

Rule #5 Secure your Door

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Make sure your door is sturdy to avoid intruders kicking your door down. Start by bolting a door brace. This reinforces the door frame, helping it to sustain blunt force. Installing a deadbolt will strengthen your door, adding an extra layer of security, while safety studs will strengthen your hinges making it difficult for an intruder to remove the door from the frame to enter your property. Do some research and make sure all of your doors are as impenetrable as possible.

Rule #6 Always have a Well-stocked First Aid Kit On Hand

Having a safe home is about more than preventing intrusions. It’s also about avoiding accidents and injuries in the home. Keep a first aid kit on hand and replace items as you use them. Be sure to keep some aspirin in your first aid kit in case somebody suffers a heart attack. When somebody shows signs of a heart attack, they should chew aspirin immediately while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

Rule #7 ​​Keep your Mail in Check While You’re Away

Going away? You may have done a great job of setting your lights to turn on and leaving your car in the driveway, however, a pile of mail in your mailbox is a dead giveaway that nobody is home. If you get a lot of mail, ask a trusted friend or neighbour to come by regularly and take it inside to avoid leaving tell-tale signs that your home is unattended.

Rule #8 Protect your Porch

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As online shopping becomes the new normal, porch piracy is on the rise. It’s estimated that billions of packages are stolen from porches every year. To deter thieves from your porch, it’s time to protect your porch. Invest in a porch lock box or a mailbox sensor to keep your packages safe until you return home. Alternatively, speak to your neighbours and arrange to leave packages with them if the mailman comes when you’re not home.

Final Thoughts

Our home is our haven. It’s the place where we make memories, rest, and relax. To keep your home safe and as peaceful as possible, it’s important to practice some safety measures. Install an alarm system, keep risks away from pets and kids, and be careful about what you share on the internet. With just a few simple steps, you can keep unwanted intruders at bay.

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