2022 Bathroom Trends to Look Out For


The new year will likely bring lots of dynamic change to one’s home. With many people adopting a permanent work-from-home model, tons of homeowners are now ready to invest in home upgrades that they have wanted for a long time. And bathroom remodels are one of the biggest targets for remodels in 2022. As a result, demand for kitchen and bathroom upgrades has grown by 40%. And it is no surprise. After all, a hard day in the office should be followed with some rest and relaxation – and there is no better spot for that than a bathroom that has gone through a significant overhaul to be exactly what you want.

Bathroom remodels are more desirable than ever before, allowing you to tailor your bathroom to your wants. You can add elements that speak to you and inspire you. The ideal bathroom will be different for everyone, although hot trends in 2022 include minimalist approaches and design inspired by nature. Additionally, functionality remains essential since many people spend more time in the bathroom than ever before, so we see an increase in many practical solutions for the bathroom.  

Another trend that has increased in importance in 2022 is the desire to enhance sanitation and cleanliness in bathrooms across America. People want clean homes and sanitized surfaces, and the bathroom is a primary target since tens of thousands of units of bacteria can be found on bathroom surfaces. Therefore, when incorporating new features into your bathroom remodel, you may want to look at things that promote cleanliness and sanitation.

In light of these changing needs within home bathrooms, there are several key trends that we will see become more prevalent in 2022, especially with homeowners that do the work themselves, including:

1.   Smart Technology: When remodeling one’s bathroom, it’s straightforward to focus solely on how things look and feel. However, many new smart technologies also enhance wellness and the sanitary nature of the space. For example, a heated towel rack is a great way to help you transform your bathroom to make it more comfortable and cleaner. This technology can kill tons of bacteria found on our towels (even the clean ones) to provide ongoing health and wellness. Adding this to your bathroom is a great way to combat germs and enhance your comfort, especially when combined with other cutting-edge technologies, like air purifiers and smart toilets, reducing the number of germs in your home and improving overall wellness. And these technologies can often be implemented with little work or previous experience by following the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

2.   Wet Rooms: Wet rooms are enjoying a surge in popularity – and for a good reason. After all, these rooms have all of the amenities of a luxurious bathroom but are even more functional. For example, wet rooms have the same flooring throughout the entire room and have little or no barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. With a well-designed wet room, it’s easy to feel like you are at a spa or wellness center. And as a bonus, they are easier to clean, reducing the number of germs in the bathroom (which is notoriously germy). And installing something with a uniform surface across the entire room can often be more straightforward than installing different types of flooring, tile, or other bathroom surface materials.

3.   Nice Finishes and Accessories: There is no denying it – bathroom remodels are expensive, often costing around $20,000. And while doing the work yourself can reduce this expense substantially, material costs remain high for many things. The cost of some remodel materials may tempt one cutting corners with inferior products. But high-end bathroom accessories deliver a huge amount of bang for the buck. In addition, high-end accessories often hold up longer, look better, and ensure that your space feels luxurious. And you can find options, such as those sold by Bathroom Butler, like quality towel bars, soap dishes, and toilet paper holders, among others. These accessories can enhance both the look and the feel of your bathroom – and ensure it is the ideal space for your family.

4.   Country Chic: The country chic look in bathrooms often includes elements of a French country bathroom, rustic designs, cathedral ceilings, wooden beams, and high-end fixtures. It can also feature a romantic bathtub, ornate chandeliers, and natural stone or wood detailing. In short, this look encapsulates timeless simplicity – making it the perfect look for anyone wanting to transform their existing bathroom into a space that you never want to leave.

5.   White and Gold: Since the end goal for many people undertaking a bathroom remodel is to create a better space to provide self-care and mental relaxation within the home, it’s no surprise that many modern designs feature a white and gold color scheme. This pairing is viewed as the height in luxury (think white marble and gold fixtures and accents). When picking out the details of your new bathroom, consider a few that might have this color combo – it’s sure to catch anyone’s eye and make them envious of your new bathroom!

There is no doubt that the upcoming year will be another big one for bathroom remodels, especially with the DIYers around the country. Adding design elements can help you improve the health and wellbeing of your entire family and make your bathroom feel more like a spa. Considering these trends throughout your remodel process is one sure way to love the finished product!

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