3 Ways to Breathe Life Into Your Home


When you moved into your home there was no doubt a feeling of joy and excitement that came with decorating it and making it your own. You would have fallen in love with the look of the house and at the time you wouldn’t be able to have imagined changing it. Sadly, this does not last forever, and your home can become a little stale. 

If you are feeling unsatisfied and complacent with the look of your home, then you will be glad to know that it is a common feeling. After living in a property for a while, it is easy to become bored with the feel and look of your help. There are numerous different ways that you can combat this though. Read below to see how you can breathe life into your home. 

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It can be surprising how easy it is to completely change the look of a room by refreshing the flooring. There are plenty of options out there depending on what kind of aesthetic you want. You can plump for the more expensive flooring of solid wood or the cheaper but equally decorative linoleum flooring. It can change a dreary room into something much more exciting.

Linoleum flooring and vinyl flooring have become much more popular in the recent trends of interior design. They are cheap but very effective. They are really easy to fit by yourself and can save you hundreds of dollars in flooring fitter costs. 

Painting the walls

Bedroom with blue walls and double bed
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Next up from the floors is the walls. Paint is inexpensive and can be one of the most cost-effective ways to shake things up in your home by giving it a new color. Changing the color of a room can change the way that you feel about it. The task itself may seem daunting at first but many people find it therapeutic. You will be surprised how quickly your room will change with a lick of paint. 

Most cost estimates even suggest that you can finish a room below $50. Try for paint samples first and research the perfect color to lighten up your room. 

Moving furniture

This may sound really simple and yet it can be so effective for how your room looks and feels. You can try moving your sofa against a different wall or even changing the way the tv faces. You need to think about how the light gets into your room and how you can give it a warm and homely feel. Moving furniture efficiently may even lower your electricity and heating bills if you can do it right. 

Used with permission of Blackband Design

Try and play around with it and find a combination that not only looks good but feels right for you and the room. It might be worth planning it out before you move furniture to save you the labor of moving heavy goods. 

Rejuvenating your home 

Everyone thinks that they need to make drastic changes to their home in order to freshen it up. This is not the case. Simple things like tackling the floor and walls can completely change the look of your home for minimal cost. Experiment with different ideas and see what works for you.

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