10 Epic Ideas to Design Your Bookshelves


Bookshelves in your house make a great impression and a better living place. It does not matter whether you love reading books or not, but you should consider keeping bookshelves in your house. They add an aesthetic look to your house as well. There are different types of design for your bookshelves, including book tree, book seat, CTline, wall-length bookcase, etc. You can choose from them.

If you are not satisfied with these ideas, you might visit here to have bookshelf 3D model. a 3D model of a bookshelf is one of the most sophisticated designs and of course ideas; you want to stick with it. However, bookshelves allow you to put your favorite books according to your needs. You can arrange them on your bookshelf alphabetically or as you wish so that you can find which one you need easily and quickly.

Bookshelf and table with chairs and vase with flowers
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Are you passionate about different ideas for your bookshelves so that you can select one or multiple for your house? Then, you have landed on the right place on earth. This article will take you on the entire journey to find the best design for a bookshelf. Excited! You should be because you are going to know 10 epic ideas to design your bookshelves. So, let’s get into the main part of the article, shall we?


The name suggests that the design of the bookshelf will be something like a tree. As a tree has branches and fruits hanging, a book tree will also do the same thing for you. The branches of the shelf will hold books according to your needs. To spend your summer afternoon in the park reading books, a book tree shelf should be one of the most romantic kinds.

Not only that, it does not need a lot of space in your house. In small spaces, you can install the book tree shelf and you can save space in your living room too. In the same way, you can get more information about chair designing guides for small spaces so that you can maximize the spaces in your house.

The invisible bookshelf

If you are innovative and want to make a bookshelf that will be aesthetic and invisible at the same time, you have to consider the concealed bookshelf. The shelf is directly screwed into the wall stud and presto. Therefore, nobody can understand how your books float against the wall. Isn’t it a great idea to design your bookshelf?

The interesting thing is that the design concept has already won awards for its innovation and inspiration. But you should keep in mind one thing: you cannot keep books not worth more than 15 pounds. Otherwise, it might collapse on the ground that you never want.

Equilibrium bookshelf

Home office shelf
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It is another unique design where you can put your favorite books up to 120 pounds. One thing you should consider is that books that have more weight should be kept in the bottom case of the bookshelf. As you know, each part of the equilibrium bookcase stands at a single angled point, so you need to be careful while keeping and bringing out books from the shelf.


It is a simple but creative design of a bookshelf. The bookshelf is curved and hence becomes something like a seat. The seat is not for you, but for your books! It is a multifunctional bookcase that enhances your house’s beauty.


On this bookshelf, you can arrange a lot of books you desire to keep here. It displays books beautifully, and you can only see your books from one side. It is because the bookshelf is attached to the wall. It looks like a minimalistic art installation but works better when it comes to keeping your favorite books.

Because of its diagonal construction, there is no chance to see all the books arranged there from two sides. That’s why you need to keep your books in such a way that you can recognize your books when you need them to read.

Wall-length bookcase

You can use a whole wall to construct a wall-length bookcase, which is awesome! From my point of view, I can assure you that after installing the bookcase on the entire wall in your living room, it will be really an amazing place to stay for a long time. As it holds lots of books, you can arrange as many books as you need.

Bookshelf Staircase

View from bedroom with bed and book shelf into hall
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To solve your bookshelf design puzzle, you should consider this special type of bookshelf design- staircase bookshelf. Under the roof, you can install a loft-like nested bookshelf for you. When you are out of space in your house, this kind of bookshelf will allow you to solve the problem of your storage. It also saves a lot of space in the living room.

Console Bookshelves

Pick your favorite book and start reading lying down on the bench! Yes, it has two-folded advantages. It allows you to keep your favorite books and sit on the bench at the same time. So, it should be a comfortable position for you to pick and read.


The inspiration for the design was taken from the shape of a heartbeat. It looks like your heartbeat. It plays an important role as wall art and a bookshelf at the same time. But you should not keep heavy books on the shelf. Instead, you can display small books and magazines there.


It is one of the innovative design ideas that save space in your living room. It is made with an aluminum bracket and strips. When you keep books on the shelf, they are attached to the wall for the strips. The design helps your living room keep spacious without taking up a lot of space. So, it might be a design solution you are longing for.

Final word

Depending on your choice and your house’s theme, you can choose anyone from the list mentioned above. All of them are high-quality design ideas for your bookshelves. A house without at least one bookshelf looks empty, right? When your favorite books are kept on the bookshelf near you at home, it is more fun and exciting!

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