How to Become a Housesitter: 10 Best House Sitting Tips


Want to learn how to become a home sitter and locate the ideal first pet sit? You’ve arrived at the correct location!

Occasionally, houses and pets are prepared and prepared for a flawless transition, while other times, things are chaotic and frenetic. We give some ideas in this article from our viewpoint as house sitters on how homeowners should prepare their home for a house stay.

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To assist our members in securing their perfect pet and home sit, we’ve compiled our top ten house sitting suggestions.

1. Ensure Effective Communication

Excellent communication is the first step in becoming an often hired housesitter. It all begins with writing a lengthy and thoughtful letter to apply for the sit, giving specific facts about the sit to ensure the homeowner understands it is not a cut and paste message — for example, the dogs’ names.

2. Commit Only If You Are Certain You Can Complete the Sit

It is critical to commit to housesits that you are 99 percent certain you can complete — no one enjoys a shady housesitter. It is not acceptable to withdraw from a sit a week before it is scheduled to begin just because you received a better offer.

If the housesit is located outside of the country, be careful to research airfare rates and visa procedures before committing.

3. Pose Numerous Questions

If you are ever in doubt about anything, always seek clarification. This is particularly critical during the first phases of acquiring your spot.

It’s also essential to understand the correct questions to ask — the homeowner may have overlooked some things, so prompting them is beneficial.

Frequently asked questions include the following: Are there any plants to water? Is it possible for us to utilize your vehicle? Do you need grass mowing? Where have the cleaning supplies gone? Which day do I have to dispose of my garbage and recycling? Is it OK to invite guests? Do you need my assistance in collecting the mail?

4. Adhere to all instructions to the letter

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It is critical that you follow the pet owner’s directions regardless of whether you agree with their methods — you are not there to assess their pet-parenting abilities.

If they want you to prepare, combine, and feed their cats mashed green beans with a little cat chow, go ahead and do it. If they request that you take their dog for an hour walk each morning, then comply. If they want you to water their hundreds of plants daily despite the fact that it takes an hour each time, then water them.

This is also why number three is critical – if you are unwilling to put in the amount of labor required by the homeowner because you believe it is an unfair deal.

5. Contacts in Case of Emergency

If you haven’t already, provide the home sitter with a list of contacts in the neighborhood in case of an emergency. Additionally, provide them with the name of a trustworthy friend or neighbor in case they have a concern regarding the home or your dogs and are unable to contact you immediately. Additionally, provide the name and contact information for the local veterinarian, as well as if they offer emergency services during non-business hours.

6. Show Consideration for the Homeowner’s Property

Always respect the house you are watching over and its belongings as though they were your own. This includes locking all doors while leaving the home, removing your filthy shoes upon arriving, cleaning any goods you use such as pots, pans, and dishes, not leaving lights on that you aren’t using, and not keeping the heating on all day.

7. Shower The Pets with Love

If you’re caring about pets as part of your homesite, as you almost certainly will be, they’ll be missing their owners a lot, so you’ll want to shower them with affection.

Communicate with them, soothe them with plenty of hugs and pats, tell them they’re doing well and reward them with goodies for good behavior, and allow them to snuggle up to you on the bed or sofa (if they are allowed that is).

8. Be Sincere

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It is critical, to be honest, and transparent from the start and during the housesit, even if you believe this may result in your being passed over for the house sitter position.

If the owner requires someone to stay at the property for most of the day but you know you plan to spend at least six hours touring, this house may not be for you.

9. Send Owners Photographs of Their Adorable Pets

This one is a favorite among pet owners. Along with frequent updates about the home and dogs, email owners photos of the critters every few days. Take photographs when you’re out walking the dogs or while the cat is cuddled up next to you on the bed.

10. Exceed Expectations

Along with the steps outlined above, you should try to do even more to be the finest housesitter possible.

On their return, leave a little gift for the homeowners, such as a bottle of wine or freshly baked cookies. If you realize anything is damaged in your home and you are capable of repairing it, do so. Anything to simplify their life.

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