5 Reasons Why Custom-Printed Stickers for Cars are the Most Cost-Effective Marketing Tools


When we think of effective marketing strategies, the focus often goes to digital ads, TV ads, and giant billboards. But, if we look at the math – some basic, low-cost marketing strategies seem to be way more effective.

Custom-printed stickers on cars serve as billboards on wheels for many companies. These “mobile billboards” outperform mainstream advertising avenues like digital or print advertising every year.

Are Custom-Printed Stickers Good Marketing Tools?

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  • Most people see cars, trucks, and other vehicles every day in their lives. For example, in Germany, there are over 2.8 million trucks. Each truck receives over 50,000 views a day. Just imagine the type of brand exposure a small German company can receive by attaching branded stickers on these trucks.
  • A recent study revealed that moving ads trigger more parts of the brain than static ads. Custom-printed stickers on cars, trucks, etc., are exactly that – they’re moving ads.

So, are custom-printed stickersgood marketing tools? Firstly, these stickers are extremely low-cost. Any small-scale business owner can order hundreds of these vinyl stickers without breaking the bank. Now, let’s assess the actual effectiveness of these stickers (in terms of marketing exposure).

Here are five reasons why custom-printed stickers for cars are the most cost-effective marketing tools –

1. Geo-Targeting

The obvious benefit of attaching branded stickers on your company vehicles is that they can move. Cover large market radiuses every time your company launches a marketing campaign. Travel street to street, visiting every residential, commercial, and industrial location where you can find your target audiences. You can strategically select routes to give your brand the best type of exposure to the right types of people!

2. Target High-Traffic Areas

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Tired of your company vehicles being stuck in the traffic? Well, when you put your ad campaigns on wheels, each congested street presents a new advertising opportunity. Most people find themselves stuck in traffic at least two days a week. Use this spare time to inform them about your brand via custom-printed stickers.

3. Flexible Marketing Tools

The latest vinyl stickers in the market are reusable. First of all, vinyl as a material is extremely durable. It can withstand years of air pollution, dirt accumulation, etc. Plus, owners can replace these low-cost stickers any time they want. Users get total customization control when they order these stickers.

They can print all types of brand messages, logos, graphics, etc., on these stickers. When some of the older stickers become irrelevant, they can be replaced very easily.

4. Cost Per Thousand Impressions

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Cost Per Thousand Ad Impressions (CPM) is a metric that’s used by ad companies. It measures the cost-effectiveness of different marketing tools. Car stickers have very low CPMs as they’re viewed by thousands of people every day.

5. Visibility

Lastly, stickers placed on trucks or cars are extremely visible to drivers and pedestrians. These ads are at their eye level. If they feature simple enough marketing messages, they can make instant impacts on the viewers.

These five qualities of custom-printed stickers, along with their low costs, make them highly cost-effective marketing tools for small businesses!

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