7 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Showings


There’s no denying that first appearances matter, and it’s 100% true. How a place appears and how it is portrayed matters a lot. That’s why most homeowners pay special attention to their house before putting it on the market. 

Selling a house fast at a considerable profit is every seller’s dream, but it doesn’t just fall into your lap. Planning and knowing how to prepare your home professionally is key to getting buyers interested. So, whether you’re listing your house on the market for sale or want an estimate of its value, we’ve got the perfect information for you. With this article, we will share expert tips on preparing your home for viewings. Let’s get started!

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Bring Your Neatness Freak Out

Keeping your home tidy is not only soothing, but it also gives you a sense of health and well-being. So, if you want to sell your property faster and for a good price, you should bring out your inner neat freak and start organizing your place. Start by thoroughly cleaning your house, including the counters in the kitchen, bathrooms, fireplace, shelves in the laundry room, and tables. 

Keep ‌bathrooms and toilets clean

When preparing a property for viewing, most homeowners overlook ‌bathrooms and toilets. Yet, your bathroom plays a crucial role in making an excellent first impression of your home. A dirty bathroom or toilet gives the impression that the house is messy. Therefore, you should clean these facilities before putting the house up for viewing.

Ensure you throw away all the extra toiletries, shampoos, sponges, makeup, and sponges. Utilize toilet freshener tablets to give your bathroom a fresh and fragrant appeal. Clean your shower and bath fittings thoroughly, and if your sealants are leaking, replace them. Also, let in natural light and heat to remove excess moisture.

Invest in Curb Appeal

You should expect most potential buyers to drive by your property before actually inspecting it. Therefore, you must focus on your curb appeal and make the exterior of your home attractive. For example, if you have a lawn, mowing and planting flowers should be one of your top priorities. Also, refresh your front door by painting it. The outside of your property should appear appealing, so a buyer wants to enter.

used with permission from Kate H Design

Be a buyer

Think like a buyer when putting your house up for sale. Present it as something you would like to buy. If you examine your place as a buyer, you will pay close attention to even the smallest details that you would otherwise overlook. Ensure everything is clean, from the ceiling to the floor. The baseboards and tiles should all be clean and well scuffed. Keep your windows clean as well; they need to be clean as a whistle so enough sunlight can enter. 

Set the Stage for Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of every house, and buyers pay special attention to them. So, when you prepare your place for viewing, you should do your best to make the kitchen appealing. Polish and clean all surfaces, cabinets, fittings, handles, and appliances. Make sure to clean the inside of fixed appliances as they are included in the sale too.

Clear your counters of excess spices and utensils, and open the windows to let in the fresh air. You should make something welcoming, such as bread or coffee, on the day of viewing since they are among the most inviting aromas. It is best to avoid cooking smelly foods as their aroma will last in the kitchen for a long time.

used with permission from Kate H Design

Perform minor repairs

In some seller’s markets, you can sell a lived-in home without many complaints. However, repairs can make or break a sale in regular or buyer’s markets.

Replacing cracked floor tiles or countertops and patching holes in the walls should be done as soon as possible. Fix leaky faucets, doors that don’t close, and kitchen drawers that jam. If your walls are currently hot pink or purple, consider painting them neutral. You don’t want buyers to recall your home as “the orange one.” Make sure to replace burned-out light bulbs, as well as those that have been in use for some time. You don’t want a bulb to blow out when you flip the light switch on during a showing. If you are mindful, you can easily avoid this incident. After all, a positive experience for the buyer is what you want to achieve.

A little greenery never hurts

You can add plants to any space to make it look fresher and livelier. To make a place feel warm and inviting, plants can be used in many ways. Put some flowers in the vase or move some pots to your living space from your porch. Various real estate experts agree that fresh flowers can warm up any place and make it look inviting. 

Also, when people visit your home garden where you grow different veggies and fruits, provide them with fresh juice to show off your produce.   

Final Words!

You must plan carefully and prepare to show your home to buyers to ensure a quick and successful sale. Your first impression will decide whether the buyer will buy your property or not, so make sure you keep this in mind. Thus, it’s always a good idea to use your extra cash to make your place more visually appealing. Make your house unique by thinking outside the box. Thanks to Potty Mints for consulting


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