How does eyelash growth serum work? science explains


You might be tempted to try a lash serum if you weren’t born with fluttery lashes and don’t want the hassle of falsies or extensions. Serums, designed to strengthen, lengthen, and volumize lashes, are more popular than ever, especially now that face masks have become commonplace and beauty regimes have switched to focus solely on the eyes.

On Instagram, there are lots of glowing reviews and celebrity endorsements, but do these items work? Are they, more crucially, safe for your sensitive eye area? Ask a dermatologist has to say about lash serums before you leap.

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What are lash serums?

Lash serums are light, concentrated treatments that claim to give you thicker, healthier lashes. Some are combed through the lashes like mascara, while others are applied with a fine applicator along the upper lash line.

While some lash serums claim to lengthen your lashes, most over-the-counter lash conditioners accomplish the same thing. They may maintain lashes healthy (and help them grow longer by preventing breaking), but they lack active medicinal components that have been shown to boost lash growth.

What are the benefits of lash serums?

“Many over-the-counter eyelash serums hydrate and strengthen lashes, making them appear thicker and less likely to break,” explains Li. Because your lashes are less likely to break, they have a better chance of growing longer and fuller.

Amino acids (to build healthy hair follicles), ceramides (to lock in moisture), panthenol (to hydrate and protect lashes from breakage), peptides (to nourish and strengthen lashes), and biotin (to improve hair’s health by strengthening keratin) are some of the most common ingredients found in lash serums.

Is it safe to use lash serums?

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You can’t be too careful with your eyes—they’re your most sensitive organ, and the skin on your eyelids is the thinnest on the whole body.

If the thought of using a lash serum makes your eyes twitch, rest assured: according to Li, lash serums are harmless when applied correctly. Like any other skincare product, a lash serum could contain substances that cause adverse reactions in some people, she warns.

Is it okay if I use the lash serum on my brows?

Most over-the-counter lash serums are completely safe to use on your brows. (Be sure to read the label and the instructions.) There’s no scientific evidence that these serums make lashes grow longer, and there’s no data on how they affect brows. But, if nothing else, they’ll leave your brows conditioned and less prone to breakage, much like your lashes.

How long should I leave a lash serum on my lashes?

“Most skincare products’ results are normally noticeable after at least two months of use,” Li explains, “and lash serums are no different.” She claims that to see effects; the substance must be used consistently usually every day as directed by the manufacturer or on the advice of a physician. However, the effects are temporary; your lashes will revert to normal after you stop using a serum and the development cycle has completed.


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