How To Clean Skylights Like A Pro


Having skylights in a home can bring numerous advantages. Apart from boosting its aesthetic appeal, skylights can also increase a property’s value depending on its quality and design. They also allow natural light into the house’s interior, making it a more comfortable and pleasant environment. This is why maintaining the cleanliness and visual appeal of these specialized home features can be a good investment for any homeowner to make.

However, some homeowners find it challenging to regularly clean and maintain their skylights. This is primarily due to these features being commonly placed in areas beyond reach such as the ceiling or the roof. Aside from this, homeowners may also be worried about breaking the glass or damaging the installation because of mishandling.

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If your home has skylights, you may be wondering if you can clean them on your own without having to hire companies providing professional cleaning services such as Curb Appeal Power Clean. While this is possible, it may be wise to gather as much information as you can before getting started. If you’d like to know how you can clean your skylights like a pro, you can consider the following tips:

1. Clear The Working Space

Before getting started, it’s important to move furniture and other items placed underneath the skylights away from where you’re going to stand while cleaning. As you’ll be using different cleaning materials such as soap, vinegar, and water, there’s a risk of damaging these items if they’re not kept away safely. However, if it’s not possible to move them out of the area, you can also cover them with plastic or any kind of material that would protect them from getting wet or dirty with dust and other particles. Aside from protecting your other household items, having a clear working space is also a way of keeping yourself safe from any accidents. 

2. Prepare The Cleaning Materials

The cleaning agents you should use would depend on the kind of glass material used in your skylights. It’s important to choose gentle and non-abrasive cleaning agents to avoid damaging the glass surface of the skylights, which can make them appear cloudy.

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If they’re made from laminated glass, for instance, you can clean the transparent surface using window cleaning materials such as a microfiber rag and window cleaner. On the other hand, for glass made with polycarbonate, you can use a small amount of dish soap, water, and a soft sponge to prevent scratches. 

One common challenge when it comes to cleaning skylights is their high location in houses. In this case, you may need to use a ladder to clean the interior surfaces, while you may have to climb the roof for the exterior if necessary. However, you can attach a rag holder to an extension pole instead if you can’t use a ladder to reach high surfaces. 

3. Remove Dry Particles

Before using water to clean the area, you should try to remove dust and other dry particles first. Doing so will make it easier for you to scrub the surface once you use soap and cleaners later on. To do this, you can use a long broom or a dry mop for hard-to-reach surfaces. If you don’t have other cleaning materials with long handles, you can also use the microfiber rag attached to a pole provided that you’ll wash it well before using it again to wipe the glass surface. 

4. Wash With Soap And Water

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Once the surface is clear of dry debris, you can start washing the glass surface with soap and water or a window cleaner depending on the type of glass material used. You can also use vinegar and water solution for stains, sap, and grime. After scrubbing the surface, you can use a water hose for faster and easier rinsing of the exterior surface and a wet microfiber rag for the interior. 

5. Wipe The Surface Dry 

After cleaning the surface, you can wipe it dry with a clean, soft rag. While doing so, you’ll need to ensure that the surface and the area surrounding it are clear of any soap and watermarks, as well as moisture that could potentially cause mold growth or damage. Once completely dried, you can apply a thin layer of auto wax to the glass surface of the skylights to protect them from accumulating dirt and keep them shiny. 


To maintain the cleanliness and quality of your skylights, experts recommend cleaning them at least twice a year. Also, it may be helpful to open them up from time to time to allow ventilation and prevent condensation build-up. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the bright natural light provided by these specialized features in your home for a longer period. Moreover, proper care and maintenance will ensure that your investment in having quality skylights in your home will be protected and maximized.

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