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When you are cooking in your kitchen, there are many small actions we can take to speed the process along and make things easier on ourselves. There are life hacks for everything but, with our best kitchen life hacks, you’ll learn how to effectively manage your kitchen space and prepare meals faster than ever before!

We have a selection of these life hacks below. They have been chosen with the average reader in mind, so everybody should find something useful below. Our advice ranges from alternative ways to prepare ingredients to handy pieces of equipment that will make cooking a breeze.

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Wrap Banana Stems

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Bananas are one of the fastest-perishing fruits out there when they are left on the countertop. Even when the fruit inside might be fine, the skin of bananas becomes brown very fast, and so many people don’t want to touch them. Once they are turning brown, they’ll go off much faster too.

However, there’s a very easy way of keeping bananas bright and yellow for longer. While it may be tempting to keep bananas in their bunches, you need to separate them. Then, once separated, you should wrap the banana stem with plastic wrap or foil. This traps ethylene gas in the stem, so it doesn’t flow down to the rest of the fruit and accelerate the ripening process.

Touch Eggshells With Wet Fingers

Even the most successful chefs have had to scrape eggshells out of a bowl at some point. If you still have trouble with this when working with eggshells, there is a fast and easy way to remove them. All you need to do is wet your fingers, which is probably a good idea anyway since you’re sticking your finger into raw egg mixture.

Not only do you clean your hands, but your wet fingers also now have higher surface tension. This means that any solids in the mixture, like the shell pieces, will stick to your fingers and be easier to remove.

Peel Ginger With A Spoon

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When working with fresh ingredients, nothing can be more difficult to peel than ginger. Since ginger has a very thin layer of skin on the root, you may spend too long trying to cut it off without wasting any of that precious ginger beneath it. You may have even considered getting some fancy tool to take the skin off quickly and effectively.

Fortunately, you already have what you need. You need to grab a spoon and drag it down the sides of the ginger, with the convex side facing you. That should be strong enough to peel the skin away with virtually no waste. It also allows you to maneuver past the imperfections on the surface of the root.

Make Cakes With Mugs

If baking isn’t your forte, everybody can master the mug cake. They’re small and portioned well, so you won’t be tempted to eat more than your fair share in one night, and you’d be surprised how tasty they can be. There’s also fast and there’s less washing up afterward.

All you need to do is coat the mug with non-stick spray, whisk an egg inside, and then stir in a quarter cup of nut butter or, if you prefer chocolate, chocolate spread like Nutella. Leave it in the microwave for 60 seconds and it should be done.

Freeze Juice To Save It

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Many professional restaurants use this tip to save some cash and avoid wasting food. Get an ice cube tray and use it to save juice. Freeze the juice of fruits and vegetables, even leftover broth, and you can then use it when you make another dish that can use some flavoring. You’ll have pre-made stock that can be thrown into soups, stews, and other dishes where everything but the kitchen sink is a candidate for the recipe list.

Get A Spiralizer

As for helpful equipment that will make your life in the kitchen easier, a spiralizer is a fast and convenient way to prepare most vegetables into curly ribbons. This is invaluable for those who cook for vegetarians and vegans, where spiralized zucchini, cucumber, cabbage or onion can be used.

In fact, you can even pass a potato or sweet potato through most spiralizers. Then you can throw it onto a parchment paper and cook it with a spoonful of oil until it’s golden and cooked, then you have crispy, curly fries.

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