Our Guide for a Winning Fit Every Time


To achieve that winning fit every time you will need to think about layers, seasons, and weight fluctuation. Depending on the clothes you’re looking to buy you will probably need to consider size variations for different items, for example, shoe size will never change but your jeans might change if you get bloated from water retention, overeating, or menstruation for women. Here is our short guide on things to consider for a winning fit every time.

Leave room for winter layers when you are buying coats and boots

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Think about the season when you’re considering sizes, for example, if you are going to buy a new jacket or coat you might want to go a size up if you’re planning to wear polo necks, cardigans, or thick jumpers underneath it. There are some cosy options like a Rains puffer jacket that will definitely keep you warm. If you are planning to buy something in this style, you might want to go up a size if you’re wearing other layers, this all depends on how cold it will be where you’re living and if the coat is already slightly oversized. If you prefer a tighter coat fit and thinner layers, you probably won’t need to size up.

The same goes for boots, make sure you have room for thick socks if you are living somewhere that tends to get chilly in the winter months. There is nothing worse than getting a pair of boots home and they don’t fit with your favourite winter socks you need to stay snug.

Try on in the shop instead of ordering online

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Sometimes you can’t do this as maybe you don’t have time to go shopping and ordering online is just more convenient to you, or perhaps you live somewhere that doesn’t have your favourite retail shops. In this case, of course, you will need to order online but if you do happen to live close to some of your favourite shops or you can get to them on a weekend, trying on your clothes in person is better for some. For those who order online, returning can become a small burden but some still prefer trying on clothes from the comfort of their own home, on the plus side you can try on new clothes with your current wardrobe and see how they match if you do order online.

Record your size and remember it for your favourite brands

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Most brands generally stock consistent sizes but some shops just don’t fit the same as others. Go for brands you know suit you and have the cuts you love, the shape of clothing can vary from brand to brand. Try out some new stores you don’t usually visit and maybe you’ll find something that fits perfectly. With some items, a baggy fit looks stylish, whereas, with a bodycon dress, for example, you most definitely would need a tight fit. The fitting of clothing and specific items is very subjective and only you will know what feels right on your figure.

Now you have a few of our top tips for achieving that winning fit every time, we hope you find some outfits that fit you just how you like. Whether you’re shopping for spring, summer, autumn, or winter we wish you a happy retail experience!

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