The Ultimate Guide to Branding in 2021


Catching the attention of the consumer is harder than ever, with brands competing for that all important market share. We’re all exposed to hundreds, if not thousands, of brands every day so thinking outside of the box is essential if you are looking to stand out from the rest. Being your chance to show what you care about and connect with your target audience before they know much about your business, branding is an incredibly powerful part of your success so we’re here to help you make the most of yours.

Make it apparent

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Everything you produce is a representation of your brand, so be sure to maintain a consistent appearance that helps people identify you from afar. From creating custom paper bags that customers can carry home their purchases into your online social media presence, every detail counts so create a personality that shows off what you stand for and helps consumers feel more connected.

Reach the right people

Trying to reach a broad audience is a recipe for disaster, making it tricky to resonate with anyone who comes across your product range. As you establish your brand, work out who your ideal customer is and tailor your branding to them, increasing the chance of being noticed and reaching those who matter the most. Create a shopper profile including any relevant gender, age, location and interests and build your business around this audience, researching the preferences of your target market so you can successfully appeal to them. As well as the aesthetics, this should also guide your price range, tone of voice and the overall brand experience, tying everything together for a successful brand image.

Show your human side

Used with permission of Jane Beiles Photography

Everybody loves to feel valued, so become more than just a faceless brand and aim to connect with your audience. Nowadays, your brand should be more than just a product or service offering but should be a personality that brings people together and has more of an impact. Whether you are a sustainable business that does its bit to make people’s lifestyles more eco-friendly, a family run business that uses locally grown produce or a lively and fun-loving brand that hosts regular events across the country, make yourself memorable for maximum impact. By creating an entire personality, shoppers are more likely to be loyal and return instead of being a one-off customer.

Make a statement

Used with permission of Jane Beiles Photography

As people pass your product range on a shelf, you want to get noticed. Working with a reputable designer to produce an attractive brand image can make all the difference, forming people’s first impressions of your business. Consider the colour palette, logo, typography and key messaging you use for your brand and undergo some market research by speaking to some consumers who would fit your target audience, getting their feedback on your aesthetic. Once you have established your brand guidelines, these visual assets should be present across any physical products or online communications you create for maximum impact.

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