How to integrate black light fixtures in a contemporary home


If your home decor style is sleek and contemporary, you are probably going to use a lot of neutral tones. Create the perfect striking contrast with modern black light fixtures. You can choose from ceiling lights to table and floor lamps to make this piece of decor stand out from your interior design.

The perfect lamp should be practical and suitable for your needs, but it can also be a special piece of design in your home. Just find the perfect modern light fixture for each room and use your personal sense of style to place it accordingly.

Living room with couch, table and chairs looking into bedroom with bed
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5 black lamps for 5 different rooms

If your house is particularly minimalistic and immersed in neutral, contemporary shades, some modern black light fixtures are perfect to give it more character. Here is how to choose the right one in each of your rooms. Remember, these suggestions could be applied in every other space and customized according to your needs and taste.

1. A pendant light over your kitchen

A minimalistic and functional kitchen should be perfectly illuminated by a lamp coming from above. Modern black light fixtures are especially suited for a kitchen in shades of white, grey or natural wood.

Arrange one or more black pendant lights above your kitchen island, the counter space or your dinner table in order to highlight the most important space in the room and, at the same time, illuminate them perfectly.

2. Modern black light fixtures in bedroom

Bedroom with dark bed frame, light pillows and plant beside the bed
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Do you think black is not suited for a bedroom? Well, think again! A sleek and contemporary bedroom can take advantage of a modern lamp. Especially if the fixture is minimalistic and little space-consuming.

Choose a floor lamp for the beauty corner in your bedroom or a pair of small sized lamps for the bedside tables. They will give an edge to the more minimalistic room and a little warmth in an all-white space.

3. Black lamps for the entryway

Do you want to show your style since the very first space your guests will enter? A black design lamp is the perfect way! If you have enough space, go for a sculpture-like floor lamp that will double as a piece of decor.

If the hallway or entryway is particularly narrow, choose a ceiling chandelier or a pendant lamp that will light up the space with little effort.

4. Modern black lamps for the living room

Bright-designed living room
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A wonderful and eye-catching chandelier is needed in a contemporary living room. Place your modern black light fixture above an especially rare piece of art or choose a large sized lamp to fill up the space above your sofa.

You can also decorate a wide room such as the sitting room with original and rare materials. Glass, brass and elastic fabrics will be perfect for a spark of extravagance.

5. Illuminate the home office

This is one of the most important spaces in your house, especially if you work from home or receive clients. Create a special space with a piece of furniture reminiscent of past decades but recreated in a contemporary way.

For instance, a ‘60s design floor lamp will provide both illumination and style and catch the eye of your clients and collaborators. Use it for work appointments and relaxation time.

Where to find your modern black light fixtures

Closeup of the bed and night cupboard in bedroom
Used with permission of Breeze Giannasio

Italian designers are especially good at creating the perfect piece of art which is both decorative and functional. An Italian design company will give you a lot of inspiration and choices to find the perfect fixture.

Also, take inspiration from specialized magazines, rooms you particularly admire and your own imagination. Your house’s light design will be personalized, stylish and comfortable.

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